Beware The Quickening in Artificial Intelligence. Today? Tomorrow? Next Week? Next Month?

Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 2 weeks ago to Science
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"Jordan Peterson wonders if we have thought through how fast things are evolving:

They’re not building autonomous cars ….they’re building fleets of mutually intercommunicating autonomous robots, and each of them will be able to teach the other, because their nervous system will be the same. And when there is 10 million of them, and one of them learns something, all ten million of them learns it at the same time. So they’re not going to have to be very bright before they’re very very very smart.

We’re not connected wirelessly with the same platform. But robots, they are.

Once they get a little bit smart, they’re not going to stop at being a little bit smart for very long. They’re going to be unbelievably smart, like overnight.

Armed robots are frightening, but so is an artificial “best friend”
Homo Sapiens is a gregarious species. It’s hardwired. What happens when the scams, politics or fake romances are served up by a machine with infinite patience? When the machine knows our full history, our quirks and how we score on every aspect of personality and which approach worked best with thousands of others of similar inclinations?"

Governments and a few statist companies and universities are controlling research into AI.
None of them care about humanity, only power.

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