18 years in prison for fantasy Trump Jan 6 order that never materialized--and some stockpiled weapons never brought to Capitol

Posted by bubah1mau 2 weeks, 1 day ago to Government
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Punished for no more than advocating a fantasy; obviously a miscarriage of justice that can only be applauded by tyrants. Fantasies can't be regarded as crimes unless they are acted on and made real--even when explicitly advocated. Even if Trump had given the order to invade the Capitol, there's no concrete evidence all Oath Keepers, and this "leader" in particular, would have acted on it by going into the Capitol building.
SOURCE URL: https://www.newsmax.com/us/stewart-rhodes-oath-keepers-seditious-conspiracy/2023/05/25/id/1121205/

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  • Posted by mccannon01 2 weeks, 1 day ago
    In a word: Sickening. This is proof there is no justice in America. It's all left wing biased run amok political procedure. This patriot gets 18 years while left wing extremist BLM and Antifa thugs that burn and murder virtually at will don't even get a day.

    From the article: "Rhodes founded Oath Keeprs in 2009 and it grew into one of the largest anti-government militia groups. Recruiting past and present members of the military and police officers, the group promotes the belief that the federal government is out to strip citizens of their civil liberties and paints its followers as defenders against tyranny." Looking at this Jan 6 crap it seems Rhodes got it right and as a result he has been stripped of his liberty by a tyrannical government. I don't think Rhodes or any of his organization is "anti-government", but is anti run amok unconstitutional government.

    The verbiage of the article is obviously biased against this man and his organization, but at least the truth can still break through.
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    • Posted by 2 weeks, 1 day ago
      I agree that Newsmax in this article is falling over itself to appear impartial. Tyrannical injustice is not the time for impartiality.
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      • Posted by mccannon01 2 weeks ago
        We have become a land of essentially two governments: 1) What remains of Free America; 2) Tyrannical commie. Free America is fading fast and people like Rhodes are pointing it out and at the same time commie America gets bolder and gains power like the current WH occupant with a pile of unconstitutional executive orders and bureaucratic committees like the Jan 6. The people are at a crossroads and now have to choose which way to go.
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        • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 2 weeks ago
          I’m pretty sure I know which way they’ll choose. The higher indoctrination centers are very good at their jobs.
          Use this guy (Rhodes) as a guidepost. The government expects a frontal assault and is prepared for it.
          Go Galt!
          Ayn had this all figured out. She lived through times just like these in her “Mother Russia”.
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        • Posted by JohnWesley 1 week, 6 days ago
          "What remains of America" is a figment of the imagination. The Oath Keepers are what was left of the Constitution's defenders. The people have surrendered to the Communists. Where are the 3% from Concord Bridge? We are all hanging separately as we can not get together.
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  • Posted by mhubb 2 weeks, 1 day ago
    day 1
    when the Usurper is replaced
    and those responsible for these injustices must face REAL Justice

    day 2..... a longer list of things to do
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    • Posted by $ allosaur 2 weeks ago
      The dino was thinking about that "day 1" today hours before I clicked onto New and found bubah's post.
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      • Posted by 1 week, 6 days ago
        Somehow, the whole Jan 6 affair has to me the flavor of a mock, reenactment Civil War "battle" you occasionally see or read about, especially to commemorate the dates of those battles.

        I feel the "militia" groups who participated in Jan 6, one way or another, were just acting out their fantasies in the same way as those reenactment "soldiers" occasionally do. I can't see punishing the Jan 6 protesters any more than one would reenactment "soldiers" playing out their fantasies.

        The Jan 6 protesters didn't carry loaded weapons and neither do reenactment "soldiers" and I don't see Jan 6 as any more of an "insurrection" than a Civil War reenactment "battle" is the real thing.

        How can you punish people for engaging in collective fantasy?
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        • Posted by $ allosaur 1 week, 6 days ago
          Yes, save for a very few Antifa plants breaking things and a sprinkling of secret FBI agents into rabble rousing entrapment schemes, the MAGA people there were venting frustration over a rigged election by acting out actual for really real peaceful demonstrations. Doubt very few believed their acting out frustration over Democrat Party cheating and lying Marxist oppression would achieve anything. They were just too fed up to care.
          Since Trump offered National Guard security that Pelosi and her ilk rejected, it's 2+2 who wanted trouble to make the other side look bad. So did those spreading lying Schiff to make examples of political prisoners.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 2 weeks ago
    This is a gross miscarriage of justice. It's prosecution based on hypotheticals even more than any actual real crimes. It's prejudged based on projected intent, not any real evidence. What's just as disturbing is that they withheld the actual camera footage which was exonerating in nature.

    Hope that the next President is a Republican who immediately pardons every single person "convicted" for their actions from Jan 6th.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 2 weeks ago
    There is no justice in the US, it is now all illusion. We had Jan. 6, set up by Calif. liberals in connection with DC liberals. We had no attempt to take down the gov. We had no election protest, I mean Biden admitted election night, on lve TV, they had just committed the biggest voter fraud in history. He is the one who admitted his insurgent election. Weare now a 3rd world country run by cartels and crooked gov. agencies, with policy set by former Nazi helper Soros.
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 2 weeks ago
    ...and still patriots rotting in a prison with no charges filed, no hearings scheduled, conditions worse than the Girmo crowd, minimal if any communications with the outside world. NIFO then move the center of power to an outhouse in the middle of the high plains.
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