LIBERAL, ANTI WAR Protester to see the truth in Donbass, and was Red Pilled Big Time!

Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 year ago to News
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This is my most powerful interview yet. I took Maria, a fierce liberal, anti-war protester to the FRONT LINES of the war in the Donbass to
see things for herself, to speak to the people for herself. This woman, with balls of steel, even walked with me through the streets of Svyatogorsk, with Ukrainian snipers just 200 meters away, to speak to civilians trapped in their basements and bring them food. How much of what she believed was right? Or wrong? This is an interview you must see to believe.


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  • Posted by Dobrien 1 year ago
    Nothing surprising here. I spoke about exactly this as the Ukraine was provoking the Bear. I was told many times on this board to go live in Russia. That was advice that
    they thought was punishment. If I did not have family here ,it might not be as bad as this country is becoming. Keep in mind Desanctimonius called Russia a gas station with nukes, mimicking Senator No-Name from Az.
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    • Posted by $ 1 year ago
      Not surprising for those that knew something wasn't quite right in the beginning, not surprising for those that had a barber recounting the works of Ukrainian nazis's against anyone not nazis in Ukraine...not surprising for anyone that could glean exactly what was truly important to Russia in Ukraine...and it wasn't all out war and all out dominance of another country at it's borders.

      We were lucky Brother Dan, to have all those things plus History, on our side.
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