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Posted by $ servo75 10 months, 2 weeks ago
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I have been programming, developing, creating, designing, fixing and maintaining Microsoft Access Databases using Access, SQL Server, and related tools for several years. I'm looking at turning this into a side business.

Here's some videos I've made to illustrate:

In my present position I have done this for many of my company's clients and would like to turn this into a side, maybe eventually full-time if I'm fortunate enough to get the opportunity

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  • Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 2 weeks ago
    Working with the enemy supports the enemy.
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    • Posted by jack1776 10 months, 1 week ago
      I'm shocked at your response... Who is the enemy? Is it Microsoft? Bill Gates? Business? You're unclear and ambiguous statement leaves more questions then answers.

      If the enemy is Microsoft, MS develops the vast majority of business software in use. This is also my profession and has served my interests well. I will admit that the vast majority of my co-workers are liberal and tend to stick you in the back as soon as they suspect your views differ from theirs.
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      • Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 1 week ago
        Both MSFT and Gates are the enemy, along with many other organizations that provide many products that we are accustomed to using.
        They are also conspirators against our individual liberty, using government to advance their goals and reducing our liberties (just as AS predicted.)
        If we want to regain our liberty, and
        (1) we don't want to risk bearing arms against the enemy (corrupt governments and ), and
        (2) based on the past 60 years of consistent erosion of our liberty at the hands of those who were elected to protect those liberties, we recognize that voting does not accomplish the goal of regaining liberty (especially after the obvious election theft in 2020),
        our peaceful response must include not trading with the enemy.
        If those who recognize the enemy, continue to trade with them for personal profit they aid and comfort the enemy in our enslavement.
        US Constitution, Article III, Section 3
        Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.

        Find another way to ply your trade that does not adhere to the enemy, or provide aid and comfort to them.
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        • Posted by jack1776 10 months, 1 week ago
          I agree about Gates, he is a POS, AFAIK. As for MS, its more complicated, Servo75 isn't selling MS Access, these companies already own MS Access, he is just charging a fee for helping them implement the technology. So, my point is if MS already has the money, how would self-destructiveness help our cause? He is in business to make money, we should be encouraging this to fight and support our cause.

          I've done large scale MS Access implementation using front end databases and ADO access to MS SQL servers. Its a horrible technology at scale, and is only useful for around 5 to 10 users. I recommend not using Access to my customers and devise a plan to migrate to another technology they already usually own.

          My point is that these companies already own the software, why not produce income from that?

          I looked at recommending a full desktop replacement suite using open source software, this can be done but with the overwhelming resistance to new technology, it would be an uphill battle just supporting the company and users during the transition. This might be palatable for businesses that pay the yearly software license costs. This would be the only way to dent the revenue with MS, and when I say dent, I mean an undetectable amount.

          I’m personally off of all MS software, I purged my personal accounts and storage about 4 months ago. I still use a MS Windows virtual machine as I can’t do everything I need to do in Linux. So no matter how hard I try, I’ll always have something from MS and they are still making money.
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          • Posted by $ 10 months, 1 week ago
            Thank you Jack! Perhaps I did not make that clear in the message, something I'm hoping the marketing team (just joined the marketplace) can help with. I'm not selling them anything from Microsoft. My customers already have it. And if they don't there are ways they can download a free "reader" version of the database.

            And let me add, that I agree with you about the scalability. But in my experience, there are a lot of small to medium size businesses, often where there are 1-2 users. The alternative is either an expensive out-of-the-box solution or setting up a server in their office. They have existing systems that aren't working, or are buggy, or slow, or need maintenance. That's where my customer lies. It's strictly SB to SB.
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          • Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 1 week ago
            Encouraging the companies to use inferior software just because they already wasted money on it,
            when there are other solutions that work better and don't addict people to products of the enemy?
            Does that sound like someone that Galt would invite to Galt's Gulch?
            It is probably easier to sell out to MSFT and continue to use their spying crap.
            I won't do it and neither should anyone who stands for individual liberty, as the heroes in Galt's Gulch did.
            The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men should do nothing.
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            • Posted by jack1776 10 months, 1 week ago
              Okay, I can accept your arguments, just that they are flawed.

              MS Access is fine for its designed purpose, its a single user database application that can support a small number of office uses, primarily designed for the non-database savvy office staff. Its not inferior, the problem is how it grows into a monster line of business application.

              So what product works better? LibreOffice on Linux and Windows has something called Base, I’ve never used it but I know that if I need help, hardly anyone else uses it, so I’m on my own. This is the draw to MS Access, other use it and people like Servo75 have a business supporting it.

              Galt is from a work of fiction, so no… he wouldn’t but where you and I live, we have different requirements. I’m saying its easy to say you want to boycott but implementing the boycott, providing alternative that’s the hard part. I’d love to do this but it wouldn’t be successful as a business due to the mass minions making the purchase decisions. I live in a would of non-fiction, too young to retire so I still have to make a living.

              “It is probably easier to sell out to MSFT and continue to use their spying crap.” MS Business software doesn’t have spay “crap” in it. This would be known and they would be punished for this. The spy crap you need to be concerned with is Apple and Android phones. Do you have a mid-nineties Nokia flip-phone, I would be envious if you did? MS being crap, that is an opinion, I have one as well.

              My point is why MS? We have so many other companies we can boycott first to make a grater impact. I’m down with that, including MS, its just that we need alternatives.

              Smartphones, Apple and Android (Google) are spying on you in a big way, and you accepted it when you signed the user agreement, did you read that? Alternatives would be a Linux phone, no one uses Linux phones because they are horribly complex. Old school phones are an option and with doing without. My job doesn’t allow any of theses options.

              Banks, all banks besides maybe some small credit unions need to be boycotted. Given a license to print money and charge you interest for using the money they created. This system isn’t setup to allow the little guy a chance to win. Where do we go? Maybe small credit unions, more research is needed...

              Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, all large business need to be boycotted. They have done a wonderful job at shipping our jobs to China with supply chain management and all of that crap they can sells inferior crap at a great prices and put our American industry out of business. Support small businesses is the answer but they are almost gone, and if you do find what you need, its usually priced so high that you use the big store anyway.

              I’ve thought about this topic a lot and have removed my personal life from MS as much as I can. I still have a smart phone but I’d like to replace this with an alternative. Google is terrible on privacy, I’m convinced that they turn the mic on on the phone and process conversions. I know this because I can have a private conversation for something with my wife that I’ve never search for online and then I’ll start getting ads for this thing. For example, the other day we were driving past our town crematory in which we both have plots already as its included in our taxes where we live, I jokingly said we should pick out our caskets now so our kids don’t have anything to worry about. I have now been getting advertisements for burial insurance, WTF. So would you purpose a paper on how to go Galt in the real world? Start with phones? Money should also be replaced, CBDC is going and they will replace the dollar, we need alternatives. Gold and silver and what I have now. What would your first steps be?
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              • Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 1 week ago
                Are you unaware of the privacy invasive (aka spying) parts of MSFT OS after win 7?
                There are many articles discussing the issues online and here in the Gulch.

                I don't use any big social media sites.
                I do use the Gulch and links provided here in spite of the site being based on Google tools.

                I stopped software consulting for various reasons, but the evil nature of big tech was one part of my decision.
                There are open source relational database tools that businesses could use instead of MSFT products.
                I agree that it's much harder to sell a customer on a new tool even if it obviously saves them money.
                Developing separate tools that make open source software more usable is one avenue to try.
                Even if you develop tools that make your custom application development go faster it may
                be the competitive advantage you need.

                Freedom isn't free. If we want to recover our freedom we must do something other than talking about it
                and then surrendering. Only about 3% of the population of the colonies were fighting for freedom at the
                beginning, but their actions convinced others.
                As I said earlier (and frequently here in the Gulch) I think our best peaceful action is to stop dealing with
                the enemy. Don't buy their goods. Don't work to add utility to their products (e.g., software.)
                Look what a 15% decline in Bud Lite purchases has done to Anheuser-Busch.

                It's not easy to maintain privacy any more.
                Store your phone away from your living space so it can't record your conversations that aren't via phone.
                If someone really wants you they will leave an voicemail.
                (I leave my phone 2 rooms away and if I want to answer I walk to the phone and look at the number displayed.)
                Use a vpn all the time on connection to the internet.
                Don't use the cloud for anything personal or private. That includes email services.

                Gold, silver, and ammunition appear to be commodities that will retain value and be accepted in trade.
                Food, seeds, and medical supplies may be other commodities to 'invest' in.
                (MRE's, canned goods, dried vegs, rice, etc.)
                Prices on ammo may go up faster than gold or silver due to actions of the enemy in DC and some state capitals.
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        • Posted by $ 10 months, 1 week ago
          Okay, I think that's taking it a little bit too far. I understand your opinion but respectfully disagree. I'm not in league with Microsoft. I use products that I already have to make money for like-minded producers. As for Microsoft, I had a great respect for Bill Gates as an entrepreneur when he was taking flack for basically being to Operating Systems what Rearden was accused of being to metal. But when he retired and started going all WEF/ESG globalist, yes I agree I lost all respect for him. The way I see it, I look at him as a left-wing billionaire with a God Complex. A slightly (at least on the surface) more benevolent form of George Soros (that wasn't intended as a compliment).

          But again I don't see what this has to do with my business venture. I use a tool that they made that I bought of my own free will because I need Office for my career, it adds value to me and I can make money off of building apps for it. I respect your view but I think getting into the topic of treason or working with the enemy is taking it too far.
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          • Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 1 week ago
            I respected Gates for creating products to help businesses.
            That was before he and MSFT both became horizontal collaborators with the state.

            You ignore MSFT's role in the loss of our liberty because it benefits you personally.
            Your support for their products helps assure the survival of the enemy.
            There is a battle going on - individual liberty vs involuntary servitude.
            I hope you realize your error before it's too late.
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            • Posted by jack1776 10 months, 1 week ago
              Gates stole technology, he used others to build a business, just like most megalomaniac. I to used to have respect for Gates until I read is book on NT in 1995. Then I realized he is flipping nuts with a god complex.

              But I have to say that you’re wrong on Microsoft the business. The other (none enterprise) technology companies have been malicious in there attack on personal freedoms. These are the ones we should be attacking, not a producer trying to operate a business. I’m not defending MS ether, they are falling in line with the other companies, I’m just saying historically your incorrect about spyware in the OS. As a systems architect, I designed information systems that supported companies with over 10,000 employees. We managed or environments and if something was leaking information, we would have known about it. I designed software packages, I revered engineered applications to lean how we can modify them, I’ve crawled so far up the ass of Windows that I could have given Windows a tonsillectomy. They are not installing spyware in the OS, its in the applications you install, period.

              MS has been the whipping boy for quite sometime and a distraction. A lot of decent small business have been created because of MS enterprise technology. We shouldn’t be attacking this, we should be attacking everything associated with the leash (I mean phone) you carry around in your pocket. Google and Apple doesn’t sell phones or phone OS, they sell you, you are the product.
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              • Posted by freedomforall 10 months, 1 week ago
                So you are saying that all the research by others published saying that MSFT OS's post Windows 7
                defaulted to collect users' data (just as Google does) is all a fraud and MSFT OS should just be
                trusted because you say so?

                I can agree with you on many things, but without evidence your argument on this specific issue fails to convince.
                While I agree that phones are a great threat to privacy, so are the recent MSFT OS's.
                Here are some recent articles on the issue and there are many more dealing with earlier OS invasiveness.
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                • Posted by jack1776 10 months, 1 week ago
                  All I'm saying is do your own due diligence, I have and know there is nothing nefarious going on in the OS. Not to say that it isn't happening now (Windows 11 - I have not touched), just that back in the day, it wasn't. I have seen assertions like this in the past and dismissed them for misunderstanding of the OS. There is a lot going on under the covers of Windows and not knowing what it is and why its there could lead to a misunderstanding.

                  The tracking questions are services that applicants use, its a service like any other and MS asks you if you want it enabled. I always select no... Its marketing data collected by the people that offer you free software as long as you accept the user agreement. If it was nefarious, they wouldn't ask you, right? These things are not allowed in the enterprise space and are disabled by default. The OS is configured differently between personal use and enterprise use.
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                  • Posted by jack1776 10 months, 1 week ago
                    so put it another way, nothing is free. Pay for the software you use and you can expect privacy, configure your device to disallow this marketing collection services and your good to go.

                    the biggest problem is not reading the user agreements we all sign.
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