Zooey Zephyr, leftist media's newest rock star: problem w US flag pledge, no problem w "gender affirming" castration of minors; insults, name-calls legislative opponents: "...blood on your hands..."

Posted by bubah1mau 4 weeks, 1 day ago to Government
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Every leftist loves a "victim"--and international press (EG: BBC, Deutsche Welle) is no exception. Good at painting, spotlighting "victims." But who are the real victims?

The real victims are legislators who have to suspend operations for "her" tirades--and the people of Montana who hate what she stands for and have voted overwhelmingly to elect legislators who will ban "GAC" for minors, who will prevent zealots like Zephyr from victimizing confused youth, from parents eager to victimize, sacrifice their own children to achieve a personal virtue signal.
SOURCE URL: https://www.kxlf.com/montana-not-the-only-state-targeting-transgender-health-care

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