MT governor speaks to conflict w "nonbinary" son over trans legislation; such ideological disputes (EG banning "gender-affirming healthcare" for minors) now common in American families?

Posted by bubah1mau 1 year, 2 months ago to Legislation
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What the Dem left has euphemistically labeled “gender-affirming care” (GAC) is now a source of generational confrontation in many American homes, especially when such medical procedures are extended to minors—with or without parental consent. The Gianforte family, here in Montana, appears to be no exception and may be regarded as a “world in a grain of sand.”

And to underscore this ideological dispute, Zooey Zephyr, “trans” Montana legislator, has tiraded and insulted her way onto the international media stage (in the wake of the Tennessee Two), garnering a worldwide spotlight as “poster-woman” for the suppression of leftist voices by state GOP legislative supermajorities.

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