Chicago to become the next Portland?

Posted by $ Radio_Randy 1 year ago to Economics
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Walmart is now pulling four of it's stores in Chicago...oh, God, where WILL it end!

Sorry, couldn't help myself.

Anyway, due to record losses (and the fact that Walmart's Chicago locations have NEVER made a profit), the chain has decided to close half of it's locations in the windy city.

While the announcement mentions financial losses, it avoided the suggestion of theft, like was mentioned in the Portland closings.

Already, local leaders are calling for some sort of action to get Walmart to stay...even resorting to "peaceful" protests, hah, hah!

How long will it be until we start hearing rumors of a "Directive 10-289" to stem the "bleeding out" of retail outlets, from major cities?
SOURCE URL: https://corporate.walmart.com/newsroom/2023/04/11/walmart-announces-closure-of-four-chicago-stores

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  • Posted by starguy 1 year ago
    Directive 10-289?
    But, that was from a 1957 novel, a work of fiction! That can't be something actually taking place, here in 2023... or, can it?
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  • Posted by mshupe 1 year ago
    I think we've been hearing versions of Directive 10-289 since March 2020. The decline of cities may be the greatest siren call of our lifetime. Isabel Paterson did a great job with this idea in God of the Machine.
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  • Posted by term2 1 year ago
    Directive 10-289 is definitely on the roster to prevent ruthless capitalists from preventing the inevitable bleeding that will come from leftist programs.
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  • Posted by JakeOrilley 1 year ago
    Probably not too long. With CA continuing to tax after ex-residents move to get away from taxes, it has to be expected. The people in power think they have the control - and when economics rears its ugly head they think they can enact an "rule" - not pass a law - to keep it from happening.....
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  • Posted by Running4mylife 1 year ago
    Rioting on Michigan Avenue near Navy Pier last night, jumping on cars, CTA buses, and then massive rioting in the loop at Randolph and State Streets, under the Marshall Fields clock, and of course, shooting each other, and the new Mayor says it's because the young people don't have enough "resources". Uh huh. Oh it's going to burn all right.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 12 months ago
      Did he actually mean they didn't have enough resources to loot because the resources are closing or leaving or have been burnt?
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      • Posted by Running4mylife 12 months ago
        He is using the typical gas lighting script to guilt the victims by making them believe it's their fault for not providing enough "activities, programs, education, etc." to entertain these parasites so therefore, they loot, burn, riot and misbehave because "Society" failed them. I have an answer to that: strap up, and be ready because the next summer of love is on it's way.
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