Biden Deploys 1,500 Troops At Border To Help Register New Voters

Posted by $ allosaur 3 weeks, 2 days ago to Humor
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:Yes, the people who tell me what to do all the time told me this is needed" is what Biden about that to an ice cream cone.
Also about that, our Puppet-In-Chief added: "And if I don;t do what thy tell me, I don't get any snacks! That's no joke! Seriously, someone help me. Where I am."
At that point one of Biden's staff ordered Joey slop his ice cream cone on top of his head and to perform his trained seal act.
"Arf! Arf!" he barked, flapping his arms together like flippers.
"Oh, that's my Joe," praised an onlooking Dr. Jill, wearing black fishnet stockings. "He's done so much for this country. Vote for Joe. He has so much more to do to you."

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