The real face of government tyranny

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'You don't think this is going to happen to you. Until it does."

This is an interview with Lisa Bundy, wife of Ammon Bundy. She discusses the terror and injustice of a system being used against its own citizens - or at least the ones who try to stand up for their rights. Be aware that this is what could happen to anyone who stands up to the government and their cronies. Please also be aware that this is happening in one of the "supposedly" conservative-led States in the Union where Republicans have a supermajority in the Legislature. (The governor is a RINO beholden to the medical industry and Bundy ran against him for Governor. It was during the primaries that the incident with baby Cyrus took place.)

Notice: Lisa Bundy is a Christian and mentions her reliance on God multiple times throughout. What strikes me is the lack of any kind of vendetta even though her husband has gone through more than almost any other American to stand up against government overreach, including two years in solitary confinement. He was completely exonerated at trial.

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