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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 2 months ago
    Buy ammo, silver, and gold.
    Keep only enough fiat to pay bills.
    The fiat USD and petrodollar are doomed.
    Military spending must be cut by 80% or more, and all overseas bases closed.
    End all US military support outside the US borders.
    Military to be deployed to close borders securely.
    Medicare, medicaid, and social security must be redefined and ended for everyone under 55.
    (Pay off for everyone 55 to retirement age into private pension funds
    that invest in US vital infrastructure.)
    All the agencies that make up the bureaucracy must be independently
    analyzed as to cost/benefit to ordinary Americans, and every one that
    doesn't make a net profit for Main Street must go.
    Bye, bye IRS, ATF, FBI, CIA, Education, FDA, and all other
    unconstitutional agencies.
    All federal handouts (except social security retirees) ended in 12 months.
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  • Posted by 1 year, 2 months ago
    I see ZeroHedge re-categorized this article since I accessed it so it is now "Premium" and therefore inaccessible to non-subscribers. Sorry for the "ruse."

    One, but not the only one, of the driving factors in this problem is the projected cost of servicing US federal debt. Another (currently accessible) ZeroHedge article that shows this problem graphically is:

    This problem comes from the high-interest coupons inherently attached to present and future Treasury bond sales to make them competitive in a high-interest environment.

    One more part of the problem is the unbridled spending programs of the Biden administration that are already in place and will only lead to accelerating insolvency.
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