Federal Court “Vacates” Biden’s Policy Of Mass Paroling of Illegal Border Crossers into the USA

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One of the ways Joe Biden has effectively opened the southern border is to grant “parole” to people detained illegally entering the U.S.:One way Biden managed to deal with the overflow of immigrants arrested for illegally crossing the southern border was to just grant them “parole.” Immigration law has included a parole power for decades, but in 1996, Congress specifically acted to limit this parole power.“In recent years … parole has been used increasingly to admit entire categories of aliens who do not qualify for admission under any other category in immigration law, with the intent that they will remain permanently in the United States,” the House committee wrote at the time. “This contravenes the intent of [current law].”The new law narrowed the parole power to “only on a case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian reasons.”Biden has driven a Mack truck through this loophole, releasing almost a million immigrants into the U.S. through the parole power alone. This is clearly illegal, and 20 states have sued Biden to end the program.
Annnnd the court ruled that Biden may NOT do this...let's see if he keeps doing it...
SOURCE URL: https://legalinsurrection.com/2023/03/federal-court-vacates-bidens-policy-of-mass-paroling-of-illegal-border-crossers-into-the-usa/

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