Biden's flatfooted interventionism on parade (again)--Russians bully provocative US drone, US response: "We crashed it into the Black Sea." (Do I hear a raucous laugh somewhere?)

Posted by bubah1mau 1 year, 1 month ago to Technology
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Instead of L. Graham's "Let's shoot down some Russian planes," how about enough armed escorts for drones so that Russians won't dump on the drone? But is that drone mission truly indispensable enough to warrant the fuss?

The point is, don't provoke a fight you can't profitably finish.

(There's no military or defense category here.)

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  • Posted by Dobrien 1 year, 1 month ago
    Look here ..don’t look there.
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    • Posted by tutor-turtle 1 year ago
      Poke the Bear, Poke the Bear, Poke the Bear, the Bear turns around and mauls him, then he cries about it.
      Can Buy-Done be this stupid?
      Or is he intentionally getting us into another endless war?
      This time it isn't some third world shite-whole. It is the country with the most and largest nuclear bombs in the world, and the largest rockets to boot.
      ButtDone has a better chance of seeing angles fly out his backside than winning any type of conflict with Russia. China is backing him. BRICS is backing him.
      It won't be long before the majority of the world will picks the their side.
      I'm no fan of Putin, but this is a regional conflict we have no business in.
      In 2014 The CIA did overthrow the duly elected Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych.
      How would we like Russia overthrowing our President?
      Some might argue this is exactly what happened here in the 2020 election with Chinese interference.
      I don't know about you, but I don't see the value of dying in a nuclear holocaust in a needless conflict over the most corrupt country in the world.
      If you are wondering why such stupidity is going down: ask your self why is John Kerry. Mit Romney. Nancy Pelosi and TraitorJoe Buy-Done Sons all have million do-nothing dollar jobs in Ukraine.
      Now you know why they are willing to kill the entire world over a 500-year-old regional conflict.... To save their ill-gotten-money.
      I don't think they actually give a rats backside about the Russian Speaking Ukrainian people, The Ukrainian government has big-time dirt on our criminal government.
      One Nation Under Blackmail. Witney Webb got that one right on the bullseye.
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      • Posted by Dobrien 1 year ago
        I happen to thinQ that this warmongering is leading to a scare event.

        Jan 13, 2018 10:18:18 PM EST
        Q !UW.yye1fxo ID: 000000 No. 9
        We are FIGHTING for LIFE.
        We are FIGHTING for GOOD. ⬅️. Good vs Evil
        We are at WAR [@]. ⬅️ IrregularWar. I have said it continuously. For a few
        NOT EVERYTHING WILL BE CLEAN. / Years I called it the “uncivil war”
        [SCARE] NECESSARY EVENT.. ⬅️ * Will President Trump save the day? Bybrokering
        Do you TRUST the US Military? /
        a peace treaty? That would be very Qood Qptics
        Do you TRUST the Chain Of Command? ⬅️
        HAVE FAITH.
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  • Posted by $ Stormi 1 year ago
    I think this whole thing is ridiculous. Biden banned Soros from Russia, Soros funded idiot Zelinskyy into power in Ukraine. Biden needs Ukraine for money laundering and biolabs for Hunter to broker. Biden says he can take out pipeline, hell with Europe sufffering, Sec of State said, we did it. So now we are playing games over a drone? Hey,no one hurt, but people were when Biden ordered pipelinetbaken out, millions in Europe. Biden is a moron. Meanwhile, Soros runs our border and Biden policy via Open Borders and Gov. for Impact. We are nto free, we have a former Nazi helper running our country. How can I blame Putin for that, that is all Obama and Biden who let that Nazi creep in. Now Soros has closed all but the state church in Ukraine, and nobody can communicate freely with the outside, under Zelinskyy. Biden thinks he is playing games with the fictious "Cornpop" of his imagination.
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  • Posted by mhubb 1 year, 1 month ago
    anyone beleive a drone was destroyed?

    by Russia?

    biden blows up a pipeline
    Russia may have taken down a drone

    i think biden still owes a lot more to Russia
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    • Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 1 month ago
      He owes Russia, DC.
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      • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year, 1 month ago
        I think we DEMAND immediate payment on this one.
        All of our deep state, DC inbreeders, etc...
        Should be sent to a Russian Gulag for Re-education...

        I hear Russian Gulags love "Wokesters"

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        • Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 1 month ago
          Maybe a live feed showing the looters fighting each other over scraps, like they intend for us to continue to do. Reality TV at its best. ;^)
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          • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year, 1 month ago
            This is a great idea... We treat government jobs as the Apprentice Program... After your limited terms, the population votes to send you various Gulags for your retirement. Higher weight is paid for your constituents.
            But you either get to go home, and live your life, or you become a GULAG Contestant in a Reality TV show. Outside of the country where the laws allow "proper" treatment for their crimes.

            And every week, people can vote to AMP UP or AMP DOWN the punishments being doled out.

            A truly Dystopian Concept appropriate for those currently in power!
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      • Posted by mhubb 1 year, 1 month ago
        part of me wonders if Putin will nuke DC, when the most politicians are there...
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        • Posted by tutor-turtle 1 year ago
          Putin has actually, publicly stated that if a nuclear exchange starts he will imminently strike the source:
          #1 target: London.
          #2 target: Washington DC
          Neither of which are actually part of their respective nations. Like the Vatican, they are sovereign entities. Belonging only to themselves.
          It might be important to know our largest device is "Castle Bravo" 15MT
          The "Tsar" Device is 50MT That was as of 1963.
          In Janes Defense Weekly, it was reported the Russians have effectively doubled that yield with a method called "salting" i.e. adding cobalt salts. Yield 100MT
          100MT will vaporize a 50 mile circle. IF DC was struck, Radioactive Fallout will travel all the way to Newfoundland. DC would cease to exist.
          The Russians perfected the Hypersonic missile ten years ago and gave the Chinese the technology five years ago. We successfully deployed our first such device only two years ago.
          A Russian sub 200 miles off our coast can strike the mainland with a hypersonic missile in about two minutes.
          How good are our missiles? After the Space Shuttle was retired, the Russians flew all the missions to the space station.
          When Buy-Dumb stuck his nose where it didn't belong and boycotted the Russians (funny, I don't remember getting a say it that) The Russians government said the people in the space station were on their own.
          After it soon became clear no one has the capability the Russians have (not even close) the world had no choice but to come begging to get their crews home safely, which of course the Russians did. They made their point.
          They have technology that we don't.
          Our Criminal Government might want to keep that fact in the front of their minds, instead of all this focus on hiding their ill-gotten-booty.
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          • Posted by freedomforall 1 year ago
            "Never start a fight, but always finish it. "
            - John Sheridan, Babylon 5

            "He lived in a world where you don’t start fights but you sure as hell finish them, and you don’t lose them either."
            - Lee Child's Worth Dying For describing Jack Reacher

            The US hasn't finished any fight since WW2, except by retreat.
            Like many other parts of the English language, the feds have redefined "Mission Accomplished."
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            • Posted by tutor-turtle 1 year ago
              It's not our fight.
              Hundreds of American Oligarchs are using Ukraine to launder their monies of nefarious origin. Drugs, guns, sex slaves, bio-weapons, kick-backs, access (for sure)....
              For this, our illegitimate commander-in-thief is giving away money (we don't have) and armaments that only serve to provoke an aggrieved party (The violation of the Minsk Agreement) to a real Neo-Nazi regime.
              I live within eye-sight of two major military targets (should it come to that).
              I won't have the privilege of dying of radiation poisoning, I will be vaporized. Maybe that's the better way to go?
              The Buy Dumb Crime Family and all his crony fellow thieves: Soros, Clinton, Romney, Kerry are destroying our country, our republic, our economy (take the rest of the world with it)
              The US dollar as a world currency has been intentionally forfeited: Saudi Arabia is selling oil in Yuan. The Russian are transferring their oil to secondary tankers at sea. We are almost certainly using some Russian oil. The Russians are selling their oil at $48/barrel! You bet your sweet Bippy every oil man on the planet are conniving some way to get their paws on this liquid gold. There is no way to know when the tanker comes to port the origin of that oil. The US Petro dollar is dead as a door-nail. When the world comes to face that reality, this country will undergo a fundamental shift... right into the crapper. My personal belief this is all being done on purpose... by foreign bank. You know who.
              Like everything that demented old goat touches, the unintended (or not) consequences always hurt We The People and enrich the Looters. Every time.
              Ayn Rand: Did you know how accurate you would be? I am sure it was never your intention that your novel would evolve from a Warning to a Playbook.
              Ayn Rand's book was relentlessly attacked from day one. Why? Letting the cat out of the bag was a mortal sin, even back in the 1950's
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              • Posted by $ Stormi 1 year ago
                We seemed to always live in a town with SAC bases in the 60s, and that includes during the Cuban Missile Crisis. We had a bomb shelter, but months underground, we discussed in civics was not way to go. Our town was one of the top 3 likely targets. It was RFK who realived and convinced ExCom that today's enemy is tomorrows likely ally, and thus pushed for negotiated conclusion. Today, we had a half wit with the red button, who just wants to depopultate the US, but not his New Wrold Order cowd. He hopse he starts a nuclear war, and someother country gets hit. All those One Worlders money laundering via urkraine! All these new viruses after the vax wiped out vaccine immuniteis of the past. We are expendable to our own government. Our worst enemy is not Russia, but our own govrnment, and they man pulling the strings, Soros. "Open Borders: funded by him, which in turn funds Gov. for Impact, setting Biden Policy, and he pullse Zelenskyy's strings as he funded him into power. Our fentanyl issues goes to Soros, our crappy prosecutors, again Soros. Our kids set loose on teh streets to riot, also Sroos, this time using a tactic right out of the former CPUSA handbook form the their hdq. in Wisc. in the 60s.. Now in play set in motion by Obama, who had Soros as his most requent Oval Office visitor, using Alinsky tactics. Teh enemy is within.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 1 month ago
    This reminded me of WW II where the British were being bombarded by V-1 rockets. The rockets were incredibly difficult to shoot down and even though they rarely landed in populated areas, they were a menace and terror to the population. Then some desperate pilot out on patrol ran out of ammo trying to shoot down a V-1 but came up with the brilliant - yet insanely difficult - maneuver of using his own wingtip to flip the rocket over and send it crashing down. RAF pilots began mimicking this from that point out and the V-1's effectively ceased to be an threat.

    That's pretty much what happened here: a Russian pilot came up alongside the drone and engaged it with his wingtip. The drone suffered an uncontrollable problem and was no longer flightworthy. It should be noted, however, that the Russian plane did sustain damage along the wing, so this wasn't exactly a foolproof strategy, as it is probably much more expensive to repair the plane than simply shooting it down. But while Russia probably had every right of war to shoot down the meddling US drone, it chose to restrain itself and sacrifice the temporary loss of a fighter to send a more political message to the United States leaders who are engaging in warfare without Congressional sanction.

    Just goes on to tell me the following:
    1) Putin isn't the warmonger many in the west paint him to be.
    2) US leaders are trying to start a war. The drone shouldn't be there in the first place as there is no sanction for direct military intervention from Congress.
    3) We can expect more of this as Democrats attempt to start another war so that then they will have the pretext to rush legislation through Congress which will drastically infringe on rights under the mantra of "never let a crisis go to waste."
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    • Posted by mhubb 1 year, 1 month ago
      also, the Brits reading German codes. move tons of AA guns with Prox Fused ammo to the coast
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      • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 1 month ago
        They also began sending bombing sorties to the French Coast to try to take out the V1 launch sites.

        It's funny though. For all the terror they caused, the V1's weren't a very accurate or reliable weapon. If Hitler had instead spent those R&D resources on jet fighters (which they had late in the war) or heavy bombers (which were the downfall of the German industrial machine), things may have gone very differently. (Just play Axis & Allies to find out...)
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        • Posted by freedomforall 1 year ago
          iirc, Hitler had many of his jet engines put on bombers because he wanted to be on the offensive not defensive.
          They were too small and short range to be effective bombers.
          Eventually the Luftwaffe regained control and switched production to fighters, but it was too little too late.
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        • Posted by mhubb 1 year ago
          the Germans could have put nerve gas on them....
          or germs

          or radioactive materials
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          • Posted by $ blarman 1 year ago
            Yes, but it should also be noted that the firebombing of London only happened AFTER the British firebombed Germany first. The same applied to biological/chemical warfare - especially against civilians. Despite Hitler's megalomania, even he knew that he would lose his South American support if he initiated chemical or biological warfare.

            Practically speaking, neither of those is very effective against troops. Those weapons rely on a high concentration of people in a given area and the troops were just too spread out.
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