Almost as if it was all planned from the start... Too-Big-To-Fail Banks Flooded With Deposits As Bank Run (Partially Caused By Comments By Jaime Dimon of Chase) Destroys More Efficient Competition

Posted by freedomforall 1 week, 3 days ago to Politics
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"And so, just like the Lehman collapse made the remaining bailed out banks stronger, so the failure of a handful of regional banks not only allowed mega banks such as JPM and BofA - which have tens of billions in net unrealized losses on their HTM books to take advantage of the Fed's new bailout facility, the BTFP, but to also beef up their depositor bases while assuring that their profits rise too .

Almost as if it was all planned from the start..."


Not to mention instilling fear in the useful idiots just as the bankster forced recessions created fear and brought in the federal reserve act in 1913.

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