Corporation Dumps Chemicals Into Ohio River To Celebrate LGBTQ+whatever With Rainbow Colored Water

Posted by $ allosaur 1 month, 1 week ago to Humor
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Just like how the White House got lit up for Obama and his First Tranny!
In other news in the link, Biden was taken to a coroner for his annual physical.
Given not quite a complete clean bill of health due to being in a first faint stage of rotting, walking dead Joe returned to work in time to meet with space balloon ETs who said during a close encounter, "Take me to your leader," learning that from watching TV broadcasts from our planet. End result?
After hearing Joe talk and smelling him getting ripe, the ETs fled the Oval Office all screaming for shorted out brain cells and demanding, "Take us to another leader."
OMG! Hell's bells shotgun shells! You know what that means, Those poor ETs had a close encounter with Word Salad Kackling Kamala!
At this point the ETs threatened to return with a planet-killing Death Star just before being beamed up by their mother ship.
This only goes to show that fixed elections can have very dire consequences.

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