One Of The Biggest Propaganda Campaigns Ever... And Ukraine Has Lost the War

Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 1 month ago to Politics
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"It’s extremely difficult to find the truth about the war in Ukraine.

The first reason for this is because… it’s a war. Wars are always difficult to gauge in real-time. The phrase “fog of war” was invented to convey the uncertainty and imprecision about the progress of any particular war.

Still, there’s another reason the war in Ukraine is confusing for so many.

It’s because the Ukrainian propaganda effort is one of the most astonishingly effective concoctions of lies ever seen.

From the “Ghost of Kyiv” fighter ace to the “Heroes of Snake Island” to wildly exaggerated claims of Russian casualties to the suppression of any news that reflects badly on Ukraine, the Ukrainian propaganda machine has been firing on all cylinders.

This might be expected given that President Zelenskyy is a former actor and comedian. He’s used to the media stage and making up scenes for the audience. Zelenskyy is backed up by a small army of media advisers and amplified by sympathizers including President Biden, U.K. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and outlets like The New York Times.

U.S. and EU sanctions on Russia because of Ukraine have been worse than a complete failure. They have failed to change Russia’s behavior, have failed to hurt Russia’s economy in a material way and have boomeranged to hurt the U.S., Europe and many Western financial institutions.

I wrote about this last year in March and April not long after the war began. My comments were greeted with skepticism (at best) and extreme criticism (at worse). No matter. I was right then and the evidence since has been overwhelming.
The loss of Bakhmut will be a significant defeat for Ukraine, as it will significantly weaken their defense line in the Donbas. They really only have one defense line to fall back to, and it’s notably weaker than the line they’re currently fighting to hold.

If Russia eventually manages to break through that last line, there’s very little between that line and the Dnieper River to stop them."

DC is populated with TRAITORS and looters.
It can't be reformed.

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  • Posted by Lucky 1 year, 1 month ago
    Mainly in response to 24n-

    I have seen historical / political maps of eastern Europe.
    (Sorry, again no refs for what is in my memory).

    Kiev is an ancient city, perhaps founded by Viking adventurers. Centuries ago it was the principal city of what became Russia. The capital of Russia became Moscow rather later. Ukraine as an independent state has existed for a few hundred years but most of the time it was very much smaller than now. It expanded not by strength but by the collapse of surrounding nations and empires- the Ottoman Empire, Poland, Austria-Hungary .. Crimea was re-acquired by Russia by purchase (similar to purchase of Alaska by the US). When the Soviet regime collapsed it was allocated to Ukraine by Gorbachev who with some justification, considered Ukraine as another Russian state.
    The current boundaries of Ukraine were drawn by Soviet planners, just a matter of administration within the Soviet Union, little if any relation to language spread, ethnicity and religion.
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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 1 year, 1 month ago
    Dear FFA it appears you are something of an expert on Ukraine and Kyiv (?). I am not and I need enlightenment. I am serious about this. The Matron of Honor at my wedding many long years ago was the daughter of a survivor from Kiev in the state of Georgia in Russia when Hitler came into power. Is this the same Kyiv being spoken of now? If it belonged to Russian how the devil did some place called Ukraine get around to claiming it? Her father and his family fled Kiev and came to America. He was the producer of a very famous food product a lot of us love today. NB
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    • Posted by mhubb 1 year, 1 month ago
      there may be more than one Kiev is the old Soviet Union, not sure

      brief history of Ukraine

      Stalin murdered 10-20 million Ukrainians by starvation, he took their food, on purpose, to sell for money for state income

      when the Germans invaded, 100,000+ Ukrainians fought for the German Army, they remembered the famine caused by Stalin

      they also helped the Germans murder Jews
      (not all, just like not all Germans were NAZIs and they were not alone in other occupied nations in helping the Germans do this

      the NAZI like Azov Battalion exists

      Zaleski has arrested opposition members, shut down the press that opposes him, is going after Christians, was put into power by a coup helped by our out government

      NATO keeps growing in size for no valid reason
      the 3 Baltic states were added, for no valid reason, they cannot be defended without invading Russia and the use of nukes

      that Russia feels threatened by NATO is clear and a valid concern, for all of Stalin's evil, the Soviet Union had valid concerns of invasion from Europe as it has been done many times in the past

      if the people of Ukraine want to defend themselves, fine
      on Russia's doorstep is not place for NATO that seeks Peace
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