As House threatens Hunter investigation, Biden lawyers sift Biden docs before FBI more about preemptive damage control re Hunter-“Big Guy” ties than proclaimed pretext of locating "classified docs”

Posted by bubah1mau 10 months ago to Government
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DOJ complicit in allowing clean-up before incriminating documents can be discovered by agents likely to hand over evidence to any Republican committees or independent council investigation. "Evidence? What evidence?"

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  • Posted by mccannon01 10 months ago
    Why should this corrupticrat commie be handled any different than the Evil Hag?
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    • Posted by 9 months, 4 weeks ago
      Just as the "Evil Hag" got off by getting someone to clean/destroy all her servers and computers that had incriminating evidence on them, Biden's personal lawyers are doing the same thing--only in Joe's case, much of the evidence is in physical documents that have accumulated in one form or another. Those personal lawyers just want to make sure that nobody who searches later (e.g. FBI or other DOJ agents) finds anything that would have to be turned over to Rep. J. Comer or other Congressional investigators.
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      • Posted by mccannon01 9 months, 4 weeks ago
        With you on this 100%. You won't see any FBI SWAT teams raiding the Biden crime family. They are one and the same at this point. It wouldn't surprise me if some of the Xiden documents being destroyed as we speak criminally implicated high up people in a number of alphabet soup agencies. I can almost hear them chanting, "Burn, baby, BURN!".
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