Conditional Use and its Uses. Ford's Patent Filing For Automatic Car Repossession Is Nothing New, And It Will Be Used Nefariously

Posted by freedomforall 3 weeks, 4 days ago to Politics
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"The news about Ford seeking to patent its new technology to remotely control vehicle systems – and vehicles, themselves – isn’t new.

In the sense that this technology isn’t.
Every other car manufacturer embeds similar technology in their cars. They are all . . . connected.

Which means, so are you.
Even if you did pay your bills. Even if you paid off the car. It will never be yours because it will always be under the control of the network.

Which could shut your car down for medical reasons.

As for not taking the drugs the government-corporate nexus ordered you to take. Why else would there be a box showing “medical facility” connected to the network, to which your car is connected?

Also note the connection to “police authority.”

Neither having anything to do with whether you made your payments. “Police authority” could shut down your car for driving it when you’ve been ordered not to – because Climate Change.

Or just because.

Or for driving it in ways they say you’re not allowed to."

Good bye to freedom to travel or to associate.
Just another violation of the US Constitution.
No big deal.
It's just a damn piece of paper.

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