Welcome To Modern Book Burning (By The Attack Of The Inclusion Ambassadors)

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Snippets From The Article~~
"In our brave new world free of religion and intolerance ("free of intolerance" really?), we don't have inquisitors to root out heresy. No, we have Inclusion Ambassadors.
You see, in progressive modernity, we don't burn books (save for The Constitution).
Instead, Inclusion Ambassadors comb through old cherished texts to alter and remove wrongthink. The past just won't be erased, it will be rewritten.
Not From The Article~~
Besides group think Inclusion Ambassadors messing with famous children's books such as "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," me dino recently heard Fox News say on my car radio that those inclusive group think pinheads are set on altering Ian Fleming novels about none other than James Bond.
A targeted character that first came into me dino's mind would likely be Pussy Galore in "Goldfinger."
Libtarded hypocrites who'd have no problem with dragging kids to perverted drag queen shows may find Miss (no, dino, that's Ms., you racist) Galore's first name offensive.
Now, if I were an Inclusion Ambassador, what would be a group think synonymous alteration of a first name like Pussy?
Vagina Galore? Naw, too graphic, and I won't get into all the lewd nicknames other than what Ian had published.
Hmm, let's see, libs wouldn't care for kids to read anything about birthing being a birthing person's first name (that being the opposite sex of a seed spreading person who can still get pregnant by somehow growing a uterus.
Hey, I got it! I got it! Me dino introduces Ms. Abortion Entry Galore! Hooray for abortion entries galore! Libs just love that! Just ask Joe and Nancy!
SOURCE URL: https://www.dailysignal.com/2023/02/22/woke-inquisitors-come-for-roald-dahl-welcome-to-modern-book-burning/

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