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Excerpt : There is bad blood between president Zelensky and commander-in-chief of the Ukrainian army Zaluzhny. Zelensky sees Zaluzhny as a rival who might overthrow his presidency, and Zaluzhny sees Zelensky as a lightweight who has no idea of military tactics and needs, and who is sending thousands of valuable troops to certain death just for PR reasons, seriously endangering the security of Ukraine.

Zelensky himself is a puppet, and he knows it, yet the sudden limelight of the war has pushed him to a new popularity and importance, that he is fully exploiting.

“ Former Virginia State Senator and Vietnam USMC veteran Col. Richard Hayden Black made the following statement in late April 2022: "We don’t care! The United States and NATO, we do not care how many Ukrainians die. Not civilians, not women, not children, not soldiers. We do not care. […] I don't think Ukraine has anything to do with the decision about peace or war. I think the decision about peace and war is made in Washington DC. And as long as we want the war to continue, we will fight that war using Ukrainians as proxies, and we will fight to the last Ukrainian death."

Who will last longer BuyDem or Zelensky?
This leaves Zelensky without any of his former trusted advisors at the top levels, isolating him. The coming days will be very interesting, and important. In a very new video, Zelensky addressed the resignations, and decreed, among other things “Ban officials from traveling abroad for "non-state purposes" (e.g., holidays). This also applies to law enforcers, prosecutors, and all those who are supposed to work for the state;”. This all looks like a coup that was brewing, and averted (Perhaps? The knives are out, can he really keep averting them?) by Zelensky, in this major reshuffle, that now also includes 3 other ministers from Zelensky’s administration: Energy Minister Galushchenko, Sports Minister Gutzeit and Strategic Industry Minister Ryabikin. Rumors about the resignation of Prime Minister Shmygal are unconfirmed as of this writing.

As an interesting thought, a writer on Slavyangrad added this line, in his attempt to analyze the latest spate of resignations:

“It is a fact that there are serious contradictions between SBU and SDU, so serious that the heads of these bodies had to deny them publicly (!) the other day. It is related to the fact that the SBU is closely supervised by the US, while the SDU is more independent (despite the fact that the Pentagon shares information with the SDU).

👉 One could argue that the deeper reason is the contradictions between the CIA and the Pentagon, which are also reflected in Ukrainian politics, but that would be a conspiracy theory.”

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  • Posted by Lucky 2 months ago
    Thanks for the summary and the links.
    The substack of ArnGrimR conveys a lot of cred.

    A situation as bad as that, yes really bad whatever we are fed by MSM, allows for rivalries none of which can succeed. From the viewpoint of Ukraine, it can be hoped that the military more pragmatic view will negotiate a sensible cease-fire if not surrender, while the fake idealism of the clown can evaporate away before more futile sacrifices.
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