They are killing us. And Hunter Biden/Ukraine is KEY.

Posted by $ blarman 1 year ago to Government
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This is why not only the Bidens but the FBI and other deep state actors are so desperate to deny the Hunter Biden story. These people literally ARE trying to kill us.

Also: turns out chicken yolks have antibodies for COVID. Coincidental that one of the largest egg farms in the US suddenly burned down? NOPE.

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  • Posted by $ 25n56il4 1 year ago
    (1) We need to quit subsidizing Ukraine's existence. They don't belong to the U.S. Washington is using our tax dollars when our people here in the U.S. are doing without.(2) Two of my best friends are surviving on $800 a month SSI.
    (2) The President and everyone in D,C. knows what a worthless piece of dog poop Hunter Biden is. If they don't do something about him I want to quit hearing about it. We could start a campaign to handle that liittle item through the courts.
    (4) Issue an EO that we are Nationalizing all property and businesses from foreign countries as we see fit. We no longer own the U.S.
    (5) Default on our debt to China stating we are doing so because they negated the terms by trying to kill us all off with COVID.(6) Stop buying foreign oil. Produce our own and store don't sell it anyone who stabs us in the back.
    These are just a few of the items offhand. I could probably list ten more but I won't.
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    • Posted by $ 1 year ago
      I like all of them.
      1) I am halfway of the opinion that the US should start offering its military services to other nations on a mercenary basis: meaning that we don't fight others' wars for free. They agree to pay us for services rendered. That especially applies to foreign nations our own government has recognized as corrupt for >30 years.
      2) Biden gives rave reviews about his son because he is of the same character. I hope that the investigations being done by House committees with force the investigations and prosecutions to move forward, hopefully culminating in the Impeachment and Removal of Joe.
      3) I saw a separate podcast where they were discussing President Trump's Executive Order re-classifying a whole bunch of jobs in the Executive and making them subject to dismissal by the Chief Executive. Though I doubt they could do it without all three branches of government, I'd love to see Republicans push this through.
      4) This one is a little dicey as it can potentially run afoul of the Fourteenth Amendment as it has been extended to apply to the Fifth Amendment. While I support the idea in many aspects, I think it should be targeted at nations which support terrorism, etc. - especially China. Another way to do this is to explicitly grant to the States a review process which allows them to confiscate land in the United States, etc. from foreign nationals who abuse their guest status here in the United States.
      5) We don't need to default. China is already a member of an international communicable disease treaty which they have abrogated which specifically allows for damages in terms of trade tariffs, debt nullification, etc. If we get the EU to go along with us on that, we could cripple China in under a year.
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      • Posted by mccannon01 1 year ago
        Regarding #2 in getting rid of Xiden. First, find a way to get rid of Harris, then Xiden. Pelosi's not Speaker of the House anymore, leaving Kevin McCarthy to step into the WH. I think he's a mixed bag, but WAY better than what's there now. Wow, the MSMM would have a conniption fit!
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        • Posted by $ 1 year ago
          I think that if the Democrats even thought that Biden would get Impeached they will move to have Harris retire so they could appoint someone else to fill her place. May already even be in the plans. Harris' selection by the Democrats was a complete joke in the first place and she's showed that by her terrible optics. You notice that she hasn't been seen at all in the past few months because her gaffes are almost as bad as Biden's.
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          • Posted by mccannon01 1 year ago
            Harlot retire? IMHO, She's way too much in love with herself and her own importance to retire willingly and is likely salivating over the notion of being America's first BFIC (Black Female In Charge). There are many sheep obsessed with identity politics where the only important factors are race and gender and will cheer her on. She will need to be forced out somehow, which means if Xiden is taken out the country will be run as if Chicago's mayor were in charge. One buffoon deserves and follows another - until Nov 2024, hopefully. Even if Xiden is hooked up and drugged commie Harlot can never be POTUS.
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