Aultrism is trying to be set loose again

Posted by DLBPDX 1 month ago to Government
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This is perhaps the most abusive use of elected power in the history of U.S. congress. Write your reps tell them Hell No!

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  • Posted by 1 month ago
    My apologies for horrible spelling typo I misspelled Auturism it was a very fuzzy early morning post glad some people got my point and replied. $
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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 month ago
    If con-gress people want to do this then they should do so with their own private funds.
    Con-gress people should be willing to donate all the wealth they have gained while in office
    (and after they leave office acting as lobbyists) since they are obviously at fault for all the unfairness
    they can imagine because they are in power.
    This should also apply to all con-gress people in the past 158 years and all who have have benefits of
    insane government programs, e.g., all wars since 1945, vaccinations, and the federal reserve act.
    Honest people who have worked and supported their families should never have to give up the fruits
    of their labors to tyrants.
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