With Part lll: Atlas Shrugged Becomes an Awesome Torrid Romance

Posted by $ Mimi 7 years, 9 months ago to Movies
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John Galt's hair looks so great — he has a flowing mane of curly brown hair that catches the light in every scene he's in. He looks like a young Michael Landon.”
That’s the name was trying to remember leaving the theater.
This is a fluff piece, but I liked it. :)
SOURCE URL: http://io9.com/with-part-iii-atlas-shrugged-becomes-an-awesome-harleq-1634197514

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  • Posted by $ MikeMarotta 7 years, 9 months ago
    I did not like the review. It was snarky, smarmy, and coy. It sounded as if Lillian Rearden had written it. The production had enough to criticize if the reviewer had a grasp of the intellectual issues. By that, I mean not just the philosophy supporting the book and therefore the film, but the concepts of cinematography and cinematics that made the production possible in the first place. The reviewer, Charlie Jane Anders of io9, is an idiot over-empowered with a keyboard.

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    • Posted by $ 7 years, 9 months ago
      The article was snarky, but I think in a way that actually will end up helping it. They’ll make a cult-classic of part lll if they keep writing hit-pieces like this.

      @Mike and everyone else: Sorry about all the typos and missing words in my original comment. It was late and I failed to catch them before the edit-time ran out. Thank-you for your
      interest in such poorly introduced thread.:)
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  • Posted by freedomforall 7 years, 9 months ago
    The reviewer never got to the point.
    Dagny was never good enough for Hank.
    John is a second hander.
    Hank is sulking until AS4.

    BTW, In the replies, the reviewer admits her slant, saying:
    "We lefties have in fact had our own ludicrous agitprop movie."
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  • Posted by $ Ripside 7 years, 9 months ago
    I saw at least 8 references to his hair, withhout even counting. I knew it was a woman author from that alone (not being misogynist, most men wouldn't notice or point that out.). And his attire - plaid shirt with leather jacket. So what? He's a pilot - a brown leather jacket is very fitting, and living in the Rockies, well, plaid would fit in fine if you don't have access to an REI or North Face.

    So much focus on silly thing in this review.

    Oh yeah - io9 is horrible about reviews sounding like somebody just puked a thesaurus.
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    Posted by Hiraghm 7 years, 9 months ago
    I've never known how a guy could looked "rugged" and have "a flowing mane of curly brown hair that catches the light"

    Girls have flowing manes of curly hair that catch the light.

    ergo... John Galt is a girly man.

    I guess that is the kind of review you get when you have a homosexual do a review for you.
    Why else would Charlie go on and on and on about how hunky Galt is? bleah.

    " If you really had unlimited clean energy, and a miracle diagnostic tool that could do instant body scans, what else would change? What other technologies could you invent on the back of that? Would we really still need old-fashioned railroads? It's an interesting failure of worldbuilding."

    What an idiot.

    He doesn't get the point...

    " If *YOU* really had unlimited clean energy... What other technologies could *YOU* invent on the back of that?

    "Would *WE* really still need old-fashioned railroads?"

    He misses the entire point of the entire story. ONLY in a collectivist hell does it mean that, if YOU have unlimited clean energy, and YOU could invent cool technologies that WE... you and me both, would have the USE of said technologies... even though *I* didn't have unlimited clean energy without you and *I* don't have the ability to invent new technologies.

    He didn't read the book.

    If the 3rd movie is only about Galt banging Dagny, then to hell with part 3. I couldn't go see it Friday or yesterday because I had work to do (followed by sleep), and I was going to go see it today.... but I have NO INTEREST in watching Stalkerboy get his jollies with Mattressback (the superhero names I just invented for them).

    There are far more interesting and compelling things going on in the story than wasting one of the very very limited minutes the movies have on showing how far down her throat his tongue will fit. And the only people I wouldn't have minded seeing naked were all in the last movie, anyway.
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