WDC Dem Mayor Bowser underlings/NPS demolish McPherson Sq tent city, purge residents as DC homeless contest emergency housing w newly arrived migrant parolees. Report: on-spot press coverage banned

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AM radio host/WDC resident Chris Plante featured this story on his morning show today, and claimed McPherson homeless were generally not given an option about future lodging, meaning they’ll just be moving to another park or sidewalk. Plante also stressed that media weren’t allowed to cover the demolition/eviction and were banned from the site at the time.

This was obviously not the kind of “image event” WDC officials wanted to broadcast nationwide. Visualizing the human wreckage, casualties of LBJ’s “Great Society” welfare state is apparently not a top priority for WDC Dems.

Meanwhile, there are ongoing legislative efforts to ensure that migrant parolees arriving in DC from the southern border receive housing and access to public services.
SOURCE URL: https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/local/dc/mcpherson-square-homeless-encampment-clearance-operation/65-5ffa9c4e-0cbc-48af-8e52-c4987c064415

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