Republicans Gather In Congress To Vote On Who Will Fail The Voters This Time

Posted by $ allosaur 1 year, 3 months ago to Humor
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"THIS IS AN HONORABLE TRADITION!!!" joyfully boomed Rep. Dan Crenshaw.
Yes, dear readers, expect the same ole', same ole'~~or why me dino stopped donating to the GOP due to RINO behavior during Obama's first term.
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A truly related article to the primary one of this batch is on the bottom that's entitled "Clowns Debate Who Will Be Elected Next King Of Clowns."
SOURCE URL: https://babylonbee.com/news/republicans-gather-in-congress-to-vote-on-who-will-fail-the-voters-this-time

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  • Posted by mccannon01 1 year, 3 months ago
    You have to hand it to the BB! They are experts at reporting real news and pretending it's a joke! LOL!
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    • Posted by $ 1 year, 3 months ago
      That's easy when too many people in positions of power are a joke.

      This afternoon the GOP mailed me a donation request and gave me a plastic card to make me a "sustaining member" of the Republican National Committee.
      Well, I ain't on no committee. A sustaining member? I haven't donated the GOP a penny since Obama's first term. A very few specific people in the GOP, yeah.
      I'm taking that card to my shredder when I get up from there.
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  • Posted by GaryL 1 year, 3 months ago
    How about they just appoint Trump as speaker making him third in line. Then they go after Biden and Harris and have them both removed so DJT is back in the drivers seat where he should have been for thses past 2 years. Nope, they are too stupid to do the right thing.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 year, 3 months ago
    Here's a short list of the demands being made by the ~20 holdouts preventing McCarthy from being elected Speaker:

    1) Term limits on members of the Ethics Committee. Most Democrats currently on the Committee would be dumped.
    2) At least four members of the House Freedom Caucus on the Rules Committee. Why? Because then they have the power in committee to tank spending bills like the recent Omnibus bill: laden with pork.
    3) The ability for ANY member of the House to offer Amendments to Bills for an up or down vote. (The Democrats limited this to only members of the respected Committee and were subject to a pocket veto by the Committee Chair - a Democrat.)
    4) A refusal to use reconciliation as a means of bypassing the filibuster in the Senate in order to pass spending bills without the necessary support of the Senate.

    Why am I not reading anything about this in the media? Because these are pretty reasonable demands! McCarthy has gone along with Pelosi in passing appropriations bills and many others in business-as-usual fashion. These ~twenty are real patriots who demand a change to the way Republicans do business in Congress.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 year, 3 months ago
    The Dems are LEMMINGS...
    Both Parties Are HORRIBLE...

    But let me STAND TALL AND SALUTE the 20 Courageous House of Representatives who are standing up for THE VOTERS.

    They KNOW what we want. And they are TAKING ARROWS to make the point.

    Something TRUMP had to do a lot of...
    Be our voice to people not listening/hearing us!

    I am proud of EXACTLY 20 of them.
    Extra Proud Of MATT Gaetz...

    I hope this continues until the 2024 election, TBH.

    A Crippled Congress is better than ANYTHING we get from McCarthy was was an ANTI-TRUMPER...

    I want a contract that makes McCarthy SPINO (Speaker in Name Only). It's APPROPRIATE!

    And Jim Jordan gets to choose the directions/depth, with Matt... And McCarthy Can go get his precious donations...
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  • Posted by tutor-turtle 1 year, 3 months ago
    The Republicrats, The Uni-Party, one and all.
    The Mockingbird Media went into meltdown mode this morning when the threat over a government shutdown loomed. Go for it, dude!
    I can't think of a better way to demonstrate to the American people how useless our government really is.
    Speaking of zero faith in our government hacks, the report on the imminent theft of all our money (the CBDC) said that trust in the government was the only way they could successfully steal our money. A total lack of trust in government would totally undermine the New World Order. Got it?
    I have heard one solution over and over that makes the total sense: create a parallel society where we are not dependent on the government. If they have no control over our lives, they have no power to screw us.
    Gee, almost sounds like something Ayn Rand wrote....
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    • Posted by lrshultis 1 year, 3 months ago
      A parallel society, whether at the family, friends, club, neighborhood, gated community, city, state, or geographical area, along with individual value systems will have some forceful means to keep order, some means of self defense and protection of one's property. Yes, you could get a group of like minded individuals to agree to try to live in some area peacefully at some sustainable lower standard of living than the present but even as with tightly nit religious societies some sub group needs to uphold the agreed standards of the community and punish those who violate the community values. Such a structure is a government. Government is force to control action whether human or keeping a machine from running away.

      Due to the nearly instant information sharing of today, some people will, for some strongly felt emotion, build a case for some new government action against whatever is bothering them emotionally. E.g., the immediate want by some to outlaw NFL football due to a player being critically injured. Same for changing the Constitutional 2nd amendment due to the killing of 20 school children while overlooking about the same number of the same aged or younger children killed on average weekly in automobile related ways. Despite such human concerns about the state of the government of the USA, a move away from the federal constitutional representative republic type of government would be suicidal in the long run. I do not like some of the local ordinances that regulate too closely such as when to put in and take out window screens or having air rifles and bow and arrows illegal because they have projectiles that might land within the village limits, even in one's own home but put out of mind other common projectiles like baseballs, skipping stones, and snowballs. Be careful for what you long for, it might even kill more individuals even though some definitely should lose their lives.
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  • Posted by Ben_C 1 year, 3 months ago
    I too stopped making blanket donations to the Rhino party years ago. If there is an individual that appears to be genuine (very few are genuine) I will donate directly I, like most in the Gulch, know that our country is in self destruct mode. All I can do is circle my wagons and prepare for the worst. Buy more ammo.
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