Truth in numbers? Lack of ZeroHedge reader interest in assertion "central banks will ultimately opt for recession, not inflation" may discredit author's claim

Posted by bubah1mau 3 months ago to Economics
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Inflation is the time-proven means of governments to postpone the immediacy of collapse. From 3rd century Roman emperor Gallienus to 2008 Zimbabwe, the ugliness of massive banking, business and personal financial failure is so unpalatable that politicians inevitably opt for the postponement, the paving-over relief, no matter how temporary, that inflation of the currency provides. The answer to "some inflation" inevitably is going to be more inflation--until the currency is absolutely worthless. The only thing that could possibly reverse this inevitability is a miraculous increase in the productivity (taxability) of the populace.

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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 3 months ago
    I said it a year ago. How do you Quantitative Ease without looking like you’re Quantitative Easing. That’s what they are going to do. They can’t keep tightening the spigots. It’s already causing economic crisis in weaker economies that threaten to destabilize the “global” world order and put the petro dollar at risk.
    They have to inflate. They have no choice. But they will lie like rugs and tell you they’re fighting inflation. Their worthless shills in the financial press will run cover for them. Because people say the darndest things when you wave money in front of them. And only the idiots that voted for Biden will believe them.
    Go Galt!
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  • Posted by 3 months ago
    The number shown at the end of ZeroHedge articles is the number of readers who have opened the article, presumably to at least scan it. Commonly, an article of average reader enthusiasm will have about 25k to 30k ZeroHedge readers. 8k to 10k is low enthusiasm for the topic, the heading, and/or the author's likely argument(s).
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