Died Suddenly

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The unprecedented epidemic of “sudden death” coincides with the rollout of the experimental gene therapies falsely and fraudulently marketed as vaccines against COVID-19
The Stew Peters Network documentary, “Died Suddenly,” dissects this frightening trend and digs into the ideology that has shaped the geopolitical landscape for decades, a worldview that says there are too many people in the world, and that population control are necessary for mankind’s survival
Embalmers around the world are finding mysterious, never before seen fibrous clots in the circulatory systems of COVID-jabbed individuals who die. These fibrous structures only started occurring after the rollout of the COVID shots
In addition to increasing the death rate, the COVID shots are also lowering birth rates. Infertility in men and women is up. Miscarriages, premature births, birth defects and neonatal deaths have all massively increased, and live births have decreased. Most countries report birth rate decreases between 10% and 15%, but in Australia, the birth rate has declined by a shocking 72%
Not all feedback on the film has been favorable. Among critics are Dr. Robert Malone, who has pointed out problems with the film
SOURCE URL: https://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2022/12/03/died-suddenly-world-premiere.aspx?v=1670124643

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