ABC TV returns to Earl Olander case in 2015 murder mystery “Divine Intervention” to indict Trump—as a third guilty party?

Posted by bubah1mau 3 weeks, 3 days ago to Entertainment
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At the tail end of this particular Friday-night, two-hour advertising marathon—where most of the intermittent TV commercials strangely feature black faces, something I guess everyone in the US is getting used to—the ABC editors couldn’t resist skewering a knife in Trump’s legacy.

They brought in a short clip of a 2015 Trump Arizona campaign speech in which Trump cited the Olander murder case, at that time a nation-wide crime sensation originating in Minnesota, as an example of crimes being committed by undocumented (illegal) aliens in the US.

ABC editors thought that just dragging Trump into the picture would be sufficient to create an impression of guilt by association. But the only thing Trump was guilty of was stretching the criminal records of the two convicted assailants slightly, Trump stating that they had criminal records "a mile long." Maybe they did. ABC editors wouldn't specify the totality of either assailant's criminal record--starting with being in the US illegally.

ABC editors jumped on this to indict Trump for falsifying the story in his campaign speech, but they refused to touch Trump’s correct assertion that they were illegal aliens. By correcting a part of Trump’s summary of the case, they wished to leave the impression that the entirety of Trump’s summary was false or, worse, that it was inconsequential to this case, or irrelevant to reexamining national border policy.

The crimes illegal aliens are perpetrating in the US are something the left would never like to throw much daylight on. Naturally, they wouldn’t contest Trump’s statement that they were, in fact, illegal aliens from Mexico. If this Trump statement were not factual, you can rest assured that they would have thrown this at Trump as well.


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  • Posted by mccannon01 3 weeks, 3 days ago
    I didn't see the TV show you are referencing, but I'm not surprised. The entire entertainment and advertising industry shuffles in left wing extremist views or smears people they don't like regularly. That's why I can take contemporary TV only in small doses and have to shut it off.
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