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  • Posted by freedomforall 1 week, 2 days ago
    But it isn't my fault. No one can blame me.

    Atlas Shrugged non-fiction.
    "nobody can blame us." - James Taggary (to Eddie Willers)
    "It's not my fault. ... you can't blame me, because my intention was completely honest." - Paul Larkin
    "I don't see that it's your fault." - Cheryl Brooks
    "It's not my fault. ... "It's the fault of the rich who still had money, but wouldn't sacrifice it to save my bank and the people of Wisconsin! You can't blame me!" - Eugene Lawson
    "It was not our fault. We had everything against us from the start." - Lee Hunsacker
    "I couldn't help it!" , he screamed, "It was your fault! You did it! You're to blame for it! Because you left!" _ James Taggart (speaking to Dagny)
    "That's not my fault. I had nothing to do with it. They can't blame me. I couldn't help it." - Jessup at Bradshaw
    "We couldn't help it!" he cried. "It's not the fault of the Plan that some people refuse to carry their fair share of our burdens! ...It wasn't my fault!" - James Taggart (speaking to Dagny)
    "Why should you blame them?" - Lillian Rearden (to Hank)
    "Does it matter now who was to blame? We don't want to quarrel over past mistakes. We must all pull together as a team to carry our railroad through this desperate emergency," - Taggart RR Chairman of the Board
    "I'm not to blame. I need wider powers." - Wesley Mouch
    "the blame rests on the victims." - Fred Kinnan
    "But they'll blame us for it in New York! They'll put all the blame on us!" - Dave Mitchum (re: the suffocation deaths in the Taggart tunnel)
    The New York executives did not care, thought Mitchum; they did not care whether Mr. Chalmers reached his meeting on time, or whether an unprecedented catastrophe struck their rails; they cared only about making sure that they would not be blamed for either.
    "I couldn't help it!" he burst out in the silence. "I'm not to blame! I have to take things as I find them! It's not I who've made this world!" - Jim Taggart (speaking to Cheryl)
    "It wasn't my fault!" he had screamed to her, as if she were the only judge whom he had to placate. "I'm not to blame for it! I'm not to blame!" - James Taggart re: Cheryl's suicide
    "I've done all I could! Nobody can blame me!" - James Taggart (to Dagny)
    ""I didn't bring you to this!" he cried. "I didn't mean to! I couldn't help it! It's not what I intended! . . . John! I'm not to blame for it!
    I'm not! I never had a chance against them! They own the world! They left me no place in it! . . . What's reason to them? What's science?" - Dr. Stadler (to John Galt)
    "I couldn't help it! You're not going to blame me!" - Chick Morrison
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 week, 2 days ago
    This is ridiculous. He didn't plan on crashing into a crowd of people. What was he doing behind the wheel of the vehicle. He is still responsible for the actions of his automobile! This is idiocy!
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    • Posted by 1 week, 2 days ago
      According to woke justice, if you can't establish subjective "intent," gotta set 'em free. Broken bones, amputated limbs don't count. Only the mental state of the perpetrator and his/her underprivileged minority background. The blindfold came off decades ago.
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  • Posted by 5 days, 14 hours ago
    Update: since Gutierrez' release a few hours after arrest, he now claims he "fell asleep at the wheel...woke up with police recruits banging on my (crashed) SUV window."
    Turns out his father is a retired cop. Four recruits are recovering in critical condition. One has been downgraded to "grave," now on life support. Several of the recruits have lost limbs.

    Seems LA Sheriff's Dept. wants to write this off as a "learning experience."
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    • Posted by 5 days, 9 hours ago
      When that recruit dies, Gutierrez needs to stand trial for vehicular assault. No Sheriff or Police Chief has the right to decide this case. Being a cop's son and claiming to be "asleep at the wheel" can't be a get-out-of-jail-free card.
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  • Posted by 6 days, 22 hours ago
    Seems no media interest in this story. No updates from two days ago, shortly after the incident, although photos of the "suspect" appear in a Fox News story from two days ago.

    Gutierrez was released "because of the extreme complexity of the case" according to the LA County Sheriff's Dept. This would appear to mean strings being pulled by officials in high places. So much for objective justice in LA County.
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