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  • Posted by CircuitGuy 1 year, 7 months ago
    From my own industry, it reminds me of how if we publish specific absorption rate (SAR) data, it's somehow evidence of a conspiracy that non-ionizing emissions from electronics are actually harmful. If we don't publish it, it's also evidence of conspiracy.

    It seems like people can't accept good news.
    - An epidemic appeared, and modern technology beat it with testing, vaccines, and treatment.
    - EVs are superior, probably not for the environment unless the power comes from non-greenhouse gasses and the batteries don't hurt the environment as much as greenhouses gases, but because they have fewer moving parts.
    - Crime in the world has been generally decreasing for hundreds of years and is still lower than even a few decades ago.

    In some ways reality is boring compared to making stuff up, but reality is all there is, and at this point in human history it's really good.
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