How he cured his Stage 4 Cancer... Given weeks to live!

Posted by CaptainKirk 1 week, 2 days ago to Science
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This is a great interview.

FASTING Kills cancer, prevents it from growing.
Then a SCOT Inhibitor.

This is amazing... And should be out there...


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  • Posted by 25n56il4 1 week, 1 day ago
    I had a Primary Care Provider years ago who I asked 'Why doesn't your weight seem to change even a pound.' He laughed and said, 'I eat what I want 6 days a week and fast 24 hours eating no solid foods just clear liquids.' He was the Chief of Internal Medicine at one of Houston's main hospitals. Lived to a ripe old age. Looked fabulous. Never seemed to get sick.
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  • Posted by mhubb 1 week, 2 days ago
    22 years, 4 months, 28 days ago
    my late wife tried several non-standard cancer treatments
    one is now main-stream, that one being to take samples of the cancer cells and create some form of anti-body to kill them

    the doctor doing that was from Atlanta, he died just after my wife got back from seeing him for a week

    by all means, fight the cancer, but also remember your family and God

    do not forget to Live as a God Loving person while trying to remove the illness you suffer from
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    • Posted by 1 week, 2 days ago
      My condolences for your loss, and I agree 100%
      We never want to become that which we fight against!

      I have lost 1/2 my family to cancer so far (Mom, Dad, Brother).
      I have 2 brothers left, they battle heart disease. I pray to avoid those,
      but have my own health issues.

      But I have seen what cancer therapy does (and notably what it rarely does).

      Stage 4 Cancer is hard to come back from... We should learn from those who have.
      Identify the working pieces (which this interview does).

      And then take those lessons and apply the Least Harm Principle.
      Currently, FASTING is tool in treating cancer. The book "Anyway You Can" by Dr. Boz...
      Goes through her mom's healing journey, and changed this doctors approach 100%
      She now has a goal of DE-Prescribing medicine to make up for all of her Rx (for life)
      prescriptions she handed out when she was ignorant of the root causes!

      Cancer can be a deep and emotional topic. But the few people I know who did conventional treatments really regretted the chemo. (And the parents who did radiation for brain tumors, TRULY regretted turning their children into vegetables!)

      Sadly, we have better approaches, but these are NOT only the bread and butter, cancer doctors, when asked for alternatives, are allowed to LIE and say none exist (if they are not "standard of care")

      Our Politics and Our Medicine are completely corrupted/backwards.
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      • Posted by mccannon01 1 week, 2 days ago
        "...the parents who did radiation for brain tumors, TRULY regretted turning their children into vegetables." I never could really wrap my brain around radiation treatment. I don't see how radiation can tell cancer from Shinola or shit for that matter. It travels in a straight line like a light beam until it smashes into something and it doesn't matter what that something is. It just smashes, killing good and bad alike. I'm a bit ignorant on the nuances of radiation treatment, but I do know everyone leaves the room except the patient when the blasting takes place.
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