Think of Google as a data collection and advertising machine for the Democrats (and the Deep State) - Shut Down Google As A Treasonous Operation NOW

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"Based on my team’s research, Google, and to a lesser extent, Facebook and other tech monopolies, not only took steps to shift millions of votes to Democrats in the midterms…

Over a period of months, Google nudged undecided voters toward voting blue by showing people politically biased content in their search engine, suppressing content they didn’t want people to see, recommending left-leaning videos on YouTube (pdf) (which Google owns), allegedly sending tens of millions of emails to people’s spam boxes, and sending go-vote reminders on their home page mainly to liberal and moderate voters.

These manipulations (and others) don’t affect voters with strong points of view, but they can have an enormous impact on voters who are undecided (pdf) — the people who decide the outcomes of close elections. …

Political advertising by selective omission:

We were monitoring the politically related content that Google and other tech companies were showing to actual voters — our politically diverse panel of 2,742 “field agents,” who were located mainly in swing states.

In particular, we were tracking what Google employees call “ephemeral experiences” — content that appears briefly, affects people, and then disappears.

In 2018, in emails that leaked from the company, Googlers were discussing how they might use ephemeral experiences to change people’s views about Trump’s travel ban. They know how powerful ephemeral experiences can be. That’s one of the most closely held secrets of Google’s management.

Ephemeral content is ideal for manipulation purposes. If you get a go-vote reminder on Google’s home page (see the image below for an actual go-vote reminder sent to a liberal voter on Election Day), how would you know whether anyone else was getting it? You wouldn’t, and if you didn’t receive such a reminder, how would you know that anyone else had?

He also advises people that Google promotes some conspiracy theories to distract and divide the punters away from the real targets. While this is undoubtedly true to some extent, he pushes far too hard. Presumably he is frustrated watching people fight on so many fronts and wants them all to focus on his battle instead."
SOURCE URL: https://joannenova.com.au/2022/11/think-of-google-as-a-data-collection-and-advertising-machine-for-the-democrats/

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  • Posted by term2 4 days, 1 hour ago
    I dont like the idea that any of teh tech companies gather information and then use it to further THEIR goals. Its very hard to avoid their tracking of messages and sales data however.

    I particularly dislike when our government gathers info through tax returns, census taking, DMV data, including drivers licenses, vehicle registrations, and now the collection of how many miles you drive each year.

    Never know how the government will use that data in ITS quests for power.
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  • Posted by amhunt 3 days, 17 hours ago
    "ephemeral experiences" are the equivalent of subliminal content and are just as despicable. If Googlops is doing this all of their management need to put in prison.
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  • Posted by jdg 3 days, 23 hours ago
    I would like to see Google broken up and/or its misuse of customer data banned.

    But if they're shut down now, smartphones effectively go away. (Apple is worse.)

    I would like to have a good way to follow podcasts that doesn't depend on those companies.
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    • Posted by mccannon01 3 days, 19 hours ago
      I wouldn't want to see all this great tech to go away, but I'd like to see its misuse and abuse go away.
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      • Posted by Flootus5 3 days, 16 hours ago
        Frankly, I haven't found the tech to be that great.

        Some of that could be that I am boomer with little patience for tiny little meaningless hieroglyphic symbols (a 3000 year retrograde) that have to be memorized, lacking patience to decipher endless hidden trees of menus that contain even more and more tiny hieroglyphics, tired of crappy videos constantly uploaded and used in news where you see this little vertical window being swung all over the place and two-thirds of the screen view is a blurry useless mess, let alone all the mass indoctrination waste of time crap sucking the life, civility, and productivity out of society. And then there is what it does to already crappy drivers.

        Having said all that, at the same time, I am a high tech user of advanced 3D modeling softwares, GIS map making technology, you know - stuff that actually produces something of value.

        And we haven't touched upon who is using these goddamn things on us to surveil, control and feed selective information to.

        rant, rant!

        The most value I have seen is with severing the curly phone line so that one can walk around in a conversation.
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        • Posted by mccannon01 3 days, 5 hours ago
          LOL, thanks for the interesting and far too often real view. My career (retired now) was as a process controls programmer for chemical making and manufacturing systems as well as other computer aided manufacturing since about 1972. Being deeply enmeshed into the more useful side of computing I have a tendency to look for the useful over the useless. I shake my head at all the useless crap as you pointed out. Then there is the dangerous stuff like government (and other) control, etc.
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          • Posted by Flootus5 2 days, 23 hours ago
            Thanks, it kinda goes to that important debate that asks the question: "Just because we can come up with the technology, should we use it?" A cost benefit analysis that can seem a no-brainer at the outset and then the unintended consequences kick in. Ayn Rand always asked the essential question: "What for"? or "For what"? Therein lies the chasm of the debate.

            Most of us have lived under the nuclear war shadow our entire lives. And the promise of the beneficial uses got marginalized by the modern Luddites and anti-human progress types with "dis-mis-information" managed to saddle and leave us with the downside threat and without the huge potential. (See Ayn Rand/Peter Schwartz: Return of the Primitive). Unintended consequence? More debate.

            Thank you collectivists, the innovation of near limitless energy will be left for a future era to sort out.

            And so now we are at the outset of new technologies with immense ramifications. Genetic engineering, AI (so-called), Quantum physics, Boson Particles - and some wannabe Pinky the Brain wants to use it to takeover the world.

            Signed; The cynical and yet optimistic old curmudgeon.
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