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Rand pinpointed the core motivation of those who seek power, whose lives are defined by those they subjugate. Regardless of their differing aims, professed justifications, and ideological platforms, the powerful are united against existence. Spoken or unspoken, acknowledged or unacknowledged, they are united by the ultimate evil: to slaughter innocents before their own lives are inevitably extinguished. That puts the prospect of global nuclear war in a whole new light.

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SOURCE URL: https://straightlinelogic.com/2022/10/26/united-against-existence-by-robert-gore/

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  • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
    Scary as hell, but the pattern fits. Let's hope the next American leader has the fortitude to pull the plug on this - that's if we get to have another American leader. Good article, thanks for writing and sharing it.
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    • Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago
      Yeah, the pattern does fit. And we sure don't have what me dino would call an "American leader."
      Just a senile doddering old Puppet-In-Chief controlled (when Biden's foolish mind doesn't wander) by a power lusting We The People hating oligarchy of radical Marxist handlers with zero business experience.
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      • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
        I agree with the sentiment totally, but clearly the Ultra wealthy central bankers are the puppet masters and they have dominated the “business”
        (Economic policies) virtually Forever. Creating booms and busts, abundances and shortages all to
        Maintain their grip on power. The destruction of the supply chain , the Dollar , our enormous debt , climate change , Covid and the death Jab , lying about paying school debt for votes , these are all planned to kill off as many humans ( they call us chattel) . The zero business experience people are definitely puppets and most exhibit below or well average intellect. Think of a puppet being manipulated by a puppeteer that is being manipulated by a puppeteer up the chain to the royalty who are blackmailing them all.
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        • Posted by $ allosaur 1 month ago
          Wow! All in sudden I had a mental vision of a handful of fat cats sitting with Soros atop a pyramid of woe working the strings of several puppets who are in turn puppeteers working their own puppets who are also puppeteers with puppets. And down and down the pyramid's slope the rows and rows of puppeted puppeteers go.
          And where's Biden? Maybe on the fourth, fifth or sixth row. I dunno.
          And were do the Woke jokes start in this mess? To create some specialized downhill slide of puppeteered puppets puppeteering other puppets I suppose. Somewhere near the bottom of that specialized slide of idiocy is the latest addition to the Supreme Court, a woman who said she does not know what a woman is.
          Oops! Me dino just became blamed for being a racist, a sexist and some other stupid Schiff.
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          • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
            "...being a racist, a sexist and some other stupid Schiff." Dino, I think we are sitting on the same park bench watching the same world go by and thinking the same Schiff, LOL!
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  • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
    "In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus to contribute something to solving overpopulation." Prince Phillip the Founder of the World Wildlife Foundation or WWF. He should have done us all a favor and jumped into a running wood chipper.
    This World wildlife foundation where the birth of modern day Climate change began, which was really a cover up of a planned mass genocide. By eliminating co2 and nitrogen, they eliminate food production. Ever heard of beyond meat? Or Crickets 🦗 ?
    The acorn doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    Experts critique Prince William’s ideas on Africa population
    The royal has stirred controversy by suggesting that overpopulation on the continent is harming wildlife.
    Newly crowned King Charles taught him well. Here is what the king of the world said “increased industrialisation and population growth was harming the world and was unsustainable.”
    “It raises some very difficult moral questions, but do we not each one of us carry the same responsibility towards Earth? It is surely time to ask if we can come to a view that balances the traditional attitude to the sacred nature of life on the one hand with, on the other, those teachings within each of the sacred traditions that urge humankind to keep within the limits of nature's benevolence and bounty."
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  • Posted by $ ArtIficiarius 1 month ago
    We are a long ways down the path.
    In Germany in the 1930s, a political party called NSDAP (national Socialist Democratic workers party) known here as the NAZIs came to power and promptly defined sub-humans (untermenschen) and plotted their elimination. The NAZIs mostly succeeded, failing only by losing the military conflict they started. National Socialist Democrat Workers Party today, indeed. Train and Prepare; it is coming soon.
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  • Posted by $ blarman 1 month ago
    Ultimately it comes down to a personal investment in universal morality. In such a system, the standards exist independent of the people being measured against them. As such, they apply to everyone (universally) but more importantly, impersonally. Those who embrace relative morality rather than universal morality embrace the notion that they are always going to compare themselves against other people. For those who desire to excel, there are only two paths: work your butt off or tear down the competition. Those who are lazy take the latter approach. And there is no one lazier than a politician who embraces relative morality.
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  • Posted by $ splumb 1 month ago
    "Spoken or unspoken, acknowledged or unacknowledged, they are united by the ultimate evil: to slaughter innocents before their own lives are inevitably extinguished. "

    I have no trouble believing this, because I experienced it first-hand growing up.

    My mother was a raging narcissist, who made it her mission in life to destroy me.
    She almost did, but thankfully I got the help I needed.
    I look back on my life, and hers, and I can clearly see that she hated existence and everything and everyone in it. The only power she had was over me as a child, so her path of destruction was clear.

    My father was a psychopath from a long line of psychopaths. He was also a southern Baptist minister. He had a considerable toolbox of weapons, but religion was his favorite weapon of choice.
    His motive for existence was absolute control over every possible facet of my life: what to be, what to do, what to wear, what to say, what to feel, what to believe, what to think. Control, control, control.
    I don't think he knew or cared that he was destroying me. I don't think he cared about anything but absolute rule.

    Since I lived this article on the micro level, the global equivalent makes perfect sense.
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    • Posted by Snakecane 1 month ago
      You did not deserve what happened to you, my friend. I, too, had a narcissistic mother who destroyed my life. My father was complicit. I am only now sorting it out at the age of 73. Those who pursue and abuse power are the curse of mankind.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 1 month ago
    I truly believe this derives from a form of GUILT these people feel.
    They feel guilty for being alive, for having so many un-earned privileges from just being born.
    That nobody ABOVE them in life deserves what they have, they were BORN lucky.
    And everyone BELOW them in life were simply unlucky.

    Taking this a step further. They believe you can only right this wrong by taking from those who have and giving to THEMSELVES and those below them. But they WANT what comes from "lifting others up", they want to be LIKED or even LOVED.

    Unfortunately, they destroy the very things that society created in the process. Including the desire of others to CREATE GREAT THINGS. Because these idiots and morons would simply "redistribute it".

    Finally, they are NOT SERIOUS actors. They are demanding we STOP using fossil fuels.
    WHERE is there DETAILED Business Plan to get us there... Peak Prosperity has a recent video where someone did the basics and showed what it would take, using FULL ANNUAL MINING OUTPUT from 2019...

    It's staggering. It would take like 192 YEARS of Copper mining. 2,000 years of Lithium mining output. The list goes on. NONE of it can be done in our lifetimes if we started today.

    But these MORONS are willing to turn off the worlds energy TODAY to force us to get there, without realizing... HOW MUCH ENERGY does all this mining take?

    FWIW, they are not even thinking about the damage they COULD do. The Earth is a COMPLEX SYSTEM, it has EMERGENT Behaviors. Meaning. If you covered up enough of the earth to extract all the energy you needed from the sun for electricity... Is there an drawback? Would the crust become more brittle and we risk more earthquakes (some scientists have models based on this very concept, out of Japan). Grand Solar Minimums lead to more and larger earthquakes.

    Don't worry. The same idiots who cannot tell me what temperatures we will experience December 25th (Will we have a white Christmas (or not) in every city in America)? They cannot do that. 2 Months out. But they BELIEVE they can predict the average daily temperatures 100-1,000 years in the future? (the same people who are still wearing MASKS and taking BOOSTERS!) Let that sink in.

    They have NOTHING to LOVE and realize NOBODY LOVES them (because they don't love anything else), so they end up becoming a death cult. So I agree with your assessment.

    They are dangerous because of this!
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    • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
      "I truly believe this derives from a form of GUILT these people feel. They feel guilty for being alive, for having so many un-earned privileges from just being born..." IMHO, you have just described Friedrich Engels of the match-made-in-hell marriage of the Marx and Engles team that brought that commie hell into reality on earth. Marx was the drunken ne'er do well control freak who couldn't hold a job and Engles was the self loathing rich kid who hated the industriousness of his father and grandfather. Engles wealth fed Marx's fat stomach and Marx's bullshit fed Engles hatred and the two of them hated all life together. And now here we are.
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      • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
        All of Marx’s work since he was Prussian was all promoted and approved by Fredrick the Great.

        Today we are faced with a new interpretation and application of Marxism. Presented to us in the form of the NWO, the Great Reset, the World Economic Forum, Inclusive Capitalism and “wokeism”. This time, they assure us, will be a different type of communist utopia. However, as we see the ominous storm clouds of their totalitarian nightmare moving toward us, we know that this time is no different. Marxists and their derivatives are simply stupid, insane, or very sick.

        Rather than engage in the debate that currently rattles the west, the origins of Marxism sheds far more light on the true intent of the disaster that is communism. Far from a “People’s Revolution”, communism was a tool created, financed and implemented by the wealthy and powerful to destabilize ‘nation states’ and exploit their resources for enormous profits.

        Communism, like its sworn enemy, fascism, are subsets of a much larger organization. That organization or ideology, is Prussia. Both ideologies are fingers attached to the same Prussian hand and deployed as psychological weapons upon their enemies. Using infiltration instead of invasion, Prussia was able to destabilize nations from within and restructure them for their own benefit.

        Karl Marx was nothing more than a Prussian agent deployed for this exact purpose. Fomenting the seeds of revolution throughout Europe, Marx was able to connect with some of the most powerful people of the era and lay the groundwork for the complete takedown of Tsarist Russia.
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        • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
          Karl Marx – The Legend Narrative

          It is not hard to find information on Karl Marx. He is revered by many academics, so by default, there is an overload of papers written on his life, work, associates and legacy. There are websites that show the correspondences between himself and his colleagues. There are websites dedicated to explaining the virtues of Marxism.

          As we know, Antifa and BLM are inspired by the socialist revolutions that occurred during Marx’s life as well as the revolutions that transpired afterwards. Their inspiration is motivated through the idea of a struggle of the “oppressed” to overcome the “oppressors”.

          We do not need to travel down the mainstream narrative too deeply. The best description of the legend of Marx is from Britannica Kids.

          In addition to that, the legend of Marx was created as he used his journalist skills to critique, insult and incite rebellion against the aristocratic “oppressors”. Arrested several times throughout Europe and successfully evading authorities when charged with high treason, Marx managed to publish his 1848 pamphlet, The Communist Manifesto , which led to the 1848 socialist revolutions throughout Europe and the fall of the French monarchy.
          Marx then “fled” to London, where he led a humble life and dedicated his time to his magnus opus, Das Kapital.

          Dying in 1883, Marx was defined as a socialist revolutionary activist who inspired the foundation of many of the communist regimes in the 20th century. Labelled as the “Father of Communism”.
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          • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
            Karl Marx – The Prussian Truth

            After a deep dig on Karl Marx, the origins of his philosophy, the world in which he was part of and the true nature of events surrounding revolutions, the legend of Karl Marx appears as manufactured as the MSM narrative around the 2020 election. With a basic understanding of Prussian “kultur”, it seems almost impossible that anything Marx did was not without the knowledge and consent of the Prussian government. When you dig deeper you can see that Marx was nothing more than an agent of Prussia, carrying out orders to infiltrate, subvert and eventually weaponize communism for the benefit of the Prussian kingdom.

            “Infiltration instead of invasion.”

            Prussian Origins of the Gestapo

            The Gestapo was created by Hermann Goring in 1933. It was formed to crush any dissent to the Nazi regime and committed multiple atrocities in the process. Sounds like the FBLie.

            All of the above from Will Zolls Pussigate series this one titled “The Prussian origins of Marxism. Link here https://prussiagate.substack.com/p/th...
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            • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
              I found the Prussiagate series very interesting - as much of it I was able to take the time to read. I thank you for sharing it and always meant to get back and finish it. You bringing it up here adds a lot to the discussion because Marx and Engels, also a Prussian, both attended the University of Berlin (Engels dropped out) and, if western academia today is a rerun, I'm sure they were heavily seasoned with the same philosophical line of indoctrination - nice word for bullshit. Marx, I believe, took philosophy as a major - maybe that's a reason he couldn't get a job and manual labor was apparently beneath a man of his elite university stature, hence he needed an Engels to support him and his efforts. Also, if I recall past readings, German academia supported Hitler's stance on socialism at the time.

              I suppose you can say Stalin was a true Marxist looking for his Engels in the Russian people, but couldn't get enough volunteers so the guns and gulag solution was ushered in. Same with Mao, Castro, and others. Mussolini was originally a Marxist, but realized socialism/communism wouldn't work, so he created socialism/fascism and was admired by Hitler for it. We can see how that turned out.
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              • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
                That’s great sir, that you have taken some very valuable time as the meme on my post “Time waits for no one “ suggests.
                You have , like me an appetite for history
                The Prussian Origins of Modern Education. https://prussiagate.substack.com/p/th...
                Will Zoll Some excerpts…….
                Dec 6, 2021
                Modern education appears to have fallen off the rails. Many of us were at least somewhat aware of the left leaning political views of the Educational Industrial Complex. When lockdowns were imposed around the world, parents began to see firsthand what their children were learning. It was a complete shock to discover the extent to which woke activist teachers and school boards went to indoctrinate our children toward their dystopic vision of society.

                Once parents awakened to the agenda of woke indoctrination of their children, the war between parents and the Educational Industrial Complex intensified.

                What is the commonality between critical race theory, the transgender agenda and the nightmarish convention of the state controlling how children should think and behave?

                They all find their origins in Prussia.
                This new form of child indoctrination would be carried out by a new, semi-militant group known as the “officer corps of teachers”, commonly known today as your local woke school board and teachers unions.

                Woke Education, Marxism and Prussia

                The intensity that teachers and school boards apply their “woke agenda” upon children is not just alarming, but illustrates the clear intent of the real agenda playing out in America and worldwide. This substack looks at the inevitable outcome that plays out when “woke” education becomes part of the curriculum. Civilizational collapse.
                CRT, LGBT and Prussia

                The Prussian model for education was fundamentally about indoctrinating children toward the goals of the State. Today, the Educational Industrial Complex has mobilized their corps of teachers to implement a “woke” curriculum. Woke culture is principally Marxist.
                CRT is the Marxist vector to divide society through a crack in the social structure of America. The parent of CRT is “critical theory”, which was a theory devised by the Frankfurt School, a marxist school that fled Nazi Germany and re-established itself in America in 1934.
                The Rockefeller Foundation on medical projects was also synonymous for providing a bacterial meningococcal vaccine to US Soldiers in 1918, just before they were sent to Spain to fight in WW1. The arrival of the Spanish Flu soon followed. Hmmm …Trump has reference this. The Rockefellers also have their geneology lead back to Prussia.

                Not only was the American education system infiltrated by Prussia but the entire government and industrial complexes had also fallen. Prussia became an “all seeing eye” over the upbringing of young American minds and provided the benchmarks needed to be employed at the highest levels of government and industry.

                Infiltration instead of invasion
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                • Posted by mccannon01 1 month ago
                  Thanks for the links, Dobrien. Yes, I maintain an interest in history - no expert, but I like to have the ability to recognize patterns over time and it takes a data base of correct information to do that. Woke history will prevent finding any true patterns because the data base is seriously flawed.

                  Holy smokes, as I read the link on the education system (quotes above you supplied) I began to think "This Prussian system is a lot like ancient Sparta", then right at the end the author says "It is Sparta reborn" !!!! BOOM! A pattern emerges.

                  Interesting thought came to mind and that is it seems over time the "Prussian" education indoctrination may be doomed to eventual failure. Even though it's still basically a dictatorship, the Russians threw off communism so a good deal of that indoctrination over several generations didn't stick. Sparta is remembered, but it was still just a blip in the historical record. American parents taking school boards to task may be the indication it won't stick in America, either. Time will tell.
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                  • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
                    This to your point about Sparta….
                    The little North German state of Prussia had been described as “an army with a country,” “a perpetual armed camp,” “a gigantic penal institution.” Even the built environment in Prussia was closely regimented: streets were made to run straight, town buildings and traffic were state-approved and regulated. Attempts were made to cleanse society of irregular elements like beggars, vagrants, and Gypsies, all this intended to turn Prussian society into “a huge human automaton” in the words of Hans Rosenberg. It was a state where scientific farming alternated with military drilling and with state-ordered meaningless tasks intended for no purpose but to subject the entire community to the experience of collective discipline — like fire drills in a modern junior high school or enforced silence during the interval between class periods. Prussia had become a comprehensive administrative utopia. It was Sparta reborn.

                    Sparta is no more, and Prussia was allegedly abolished in 1947, but the legacy of the autamoton society is what we are faced with today. Prussia firmly exists as the “Horrible Invisible Enemy” described by President Trump.
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                  • Posted by $ Dobrien 1 month ago
                    We are in the thick of war, irregular war. Good vs Evil. Information warfare, political warfare , they never thought she would lose. Now they all lose.
                    The pissant Satanic Luciferian globalist pee doh shitheads have lost the narrative and know they are trapped in all their corrupt treason. Nothing can stop what is coming. Don’t be discouraged by a couple of low life scum (Danchenko , Sussman) getting off. This is how evidence gets introduced for the RICO case. The evidence is damning for all the top level crooks. Durham and Rudy have used this tactic successfully before.
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  • Posted by $ katrinam41 1 month ago
    Great article, sll. It is helping my world creation as I lay out my book, a science-fiction (or maybe not as fiction as I thought). The proofs of your socialiological/psychological discoveries are all around us on a daily basis, from the bully who breaks your toy because he can't have it so you can't have it, to the politician who wants the votes at the expense of truth. Any campaign ad will do as an example of over-the-top us-against-them propaganda. By far the hottest rhetoric and anger projection in my area belongs to liberal left candidates. If the path they demand is actually followed, it will lead to hate and despite for any who do not go along, effectively dehumanizing the opponent until anything done to them is okay. We are already seeing the bitter fruits of this poisonous vine as it weaves in and out of news coverage and most especially online. Civility is seen as weakness, threats are acceptable if you support the proper side. Now, threats are being acted upon with impunity for that "proper" side.
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  • Posted by LarryHeart 1 month ago
    I believe it is more deep than just wanting to destroy. There is indeed a goal. The reason for their destruction is to rebuild according to their vision.

    I glean that the goal of power is to feel and be superior to everyone else (probably because they look down on themselves). Top of the heap... A number one and not just New Yorkers.

    The corruption then sets in as they come to believe they are superior. The self deprecation goes away and they become hyper sensitive to any dissent that interferes with their feeling of superiority. If reality contradicts this superiority they attempt to alter reality with lies to themselves and others to suit their delusions.

    Just look at Hitler as THE example of evil. . As superior beings they could do anything and justify it since anyone else is sub human.

    The superior are above everyone and must rule the world. But if they lose they scorch the earth so no one else can rule. Again just look at the example of what Hitler did.

    They will not be anyone else's subject. Suicide is their Victory by spoiling other's victory. Since they are no longer worshipped, they feel victimized and the losers that they are become real to them again. They cannot face reality and crack.

    One of Moses 10 realities is not to elevate any earthly power as there is only one true power and it is compassionate and reliable unlike Humans.
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    • Posted by $ splumb 1 month ago
      The only place they can rule is in a charnel house.

      Since every other human on the planet is either a potential dissenter or aspiring dictator in their eyes, they have to kill everyone to ensure they maintain supremacy.
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 4 weeks ago
    That Marxism has a Prussian source is very fitting. I’ve said before that what’s being sold to the useful idiots as “communism/socialism” always morphs into Neo-Feudalism by design. Always, always, always. It has never not. And that is why it fails. Human nature is such that it is always doomed to fail. THEY believe that there should be an elite class that rules over the plebiscite. They are above the law. The flouting of their own COVID restrictions is empirical evidence of this. Then Prince Charles’s spokesperson released a statement saying the prince’s private jet ran on “sustainable jet fuel” and we’re all expected to believe this. This election will be most interesting in that we will get at least somewhat of a reliable number of just how complete the brainwashing is. I’m inclined to believe it will be jaw dropping.
    Anything less than taking both houses of Congress will mean that the only real choice we have is going head first or feet first into the wood chipper of history.
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 1 month ago
    I think you nailed it, Kill those that are not afflicted by the wants and desires of evil, the unhappy and those unwanted. They are barely aware that they will never evolve into a consciously introspective human beings...forever to occupy the septic tank of life.

    They may as well make everyone as miserable as they are. Misery loves company, after all.
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  • Posted by $ pixelate 1 month ago
    I have often wondered why we have not yet experienced a global nuclear war. My comforting conclusion was that such a war would truly end it for everyone -- including the elite / psychopaths / totalitarian bureaucrats ... in short, they cannot truly hate the world, and themselves, with that level of totality. Thank you for writing and sharing your thoughts Robert. This gets me out of my comfort zone. It also helps to set my personal agenda as it relates to the potential of being a living sentient being for a much shorter duration than I had originally planned.
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  • Posted by $ Markus_Katabri 1 month ago
    We The People have officially announced that we can be bought for pennies on the dollar and will simply pass the buck on to the future. When you reach that stage, there is no recovery; there is only collapse and then a small breakaway group making a functional civilization again.

    Recognize that a liberal government will take everything you have, or produce, and hand it over to it’s favorite pitied groups in order to buy votes, thus the only sensible response is to have nothing they value.
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