Champion of Liberty (and Mentor to Ayn Rand): Isabel Paterson

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"Those who know her story also applaud Paterson’s influence on other writers. In particular, she contributed enormously to the thinking of Ayn Rand and Rose Wilder Lane.

Along with “The God of the Machine,” 1943 also saw the publication of Rand’s novel “The Fountainhead” and Lane’s “Discovery of Freedom.” The young Rand met with Paterson frequently, where, as Stephen Cox tells us, “She has been described as ‘sitting at the master’s feet’ while Paterson instructed her.” In the copy of “The Fountainhead” she gave to Paterson, Rand wrote, “You have been the one encounter in my life that can never be repeated.” Though the two of them later had a falling out, both women continued to praise the work of the other."

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