The Rise of the Global South and the Foundation of a New Currency System (To Replace the Petro-USD System)

Posted by freedomforall 7 months, 3 weeks ago to Business
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"You may recall that Russia has been cut off from the SWIFT system. Now if you’re a consumer of Western legacy media, you’d likely not have heard a word on it, but the fact is that Russia was largely prepared for this and has already developed and is now using the SPFS the Russian equivalent of SWIFT, developed by the Central Bank of Russia since 2014.

If you weren’t paying attention at the time, we were, and I can tell you that after the The West threatened to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system was when they urgently began building SPFS. This is an alternative for international payments which, in their own words, will… “cut reliance on the Western financial system.”

In the meantime, Russia is taking steps to strengthen the alliance between BRIC nations, including re-routing trade to China and India."


The "South" Will Rise Again, Courtesy of Russia, China, India, and Brazil.

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  • Posted by Lucky 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    This is good news, the predominance of the US dollar could be good for some but I can't work out who, the usual bankers? Yes, free it up and diversify and spread around more.
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    • Posted by 7 months, 3 weeks ago
      Long term good for the People IF the banksters don't have control over money supply and/or "legal tender."
      Short term, if the petro USD is no longer in effect it will be bad for American consumers.
      The petro dollar has exported a lot of bankster created inflation to outside the US.
      The chickens will come home to the US to roost and the USD won't buy as much for US consumers.
      Banksters will try to keep control and shift the cost off of themselves who created the problem.
      If you don't have some gold and silver, you should acquire some
      (after acquiring enough long term food stores to last your family a year or more.)
      Probably should start a garden and store seeds and fertilizer, too,
      just in case.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 7 months, 3 weeks ago
    What else can Washington screw up? This is getting tiresome. EV's aren't gonna make it. Fake money won't be popular. Biden is going to hand out nuclear prevention meds? Help!
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