Driver Re-Education

Posted by freedomforall 1 year, 5 months ago to Government
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"“History,” said Henry Ford, is “bunk.”

What he meant by that is that the “history” they teach in government schools is largely “bunk.” It is either false outright – as for example the charactertization that the attempt made by the eleven states of the Sothern Confederacy to form their own nation the was somehow a “civil war.”

Or it is maliciously omitfull – as for example any factual explanation of the role played by private banking interests (for their own interests) in the formation of what is styled the “Fed,” or Federal Reserve Sysem.

It is why a large and growing number of parents home-school their kids.

For similar reasons, most kids need driver re-education.

What is taught in government schools and proselytized by the DMV as regards driving is also largely bunk. It is chiefly a blinkered obsession with rules, most of them arbitary and almost all of them lacking context while demanding universal and rigid obedience."

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