Whistleblower Says Agents Transferred From Child Trafficking Cases To Investigating MAGA

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According to a whistleblower investigation, “child sexual abuse investigations were no longer an FBI priority”. Instead, the FBI has been reportedly pulled from those cases to investigate Trump supporters.

GOP Rep. Jim Jordan told FNC’s Tucker Carlson that a whistleblower from inside the FBI claimed agents are being pulled from sex trafficking cases to work on potentially political “domestic terrorism” cases targeting “MAGA” people.

When Carlson asked Jordan what was his assessment of what the whistleblower had told him he said the Rep replied by saying that they think he’s “being straightforward. We think he is honest. We think he’s a brave guy for coming forward.”
SOURCE URL: https://libertyonenews.com/jordan-whistleblower-says-agents-transferred-from-child-trafficking-cases-to-investigating-maga/

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  • Posted by $ 1 week ago
    This suits the Demo's in two ways: 1, distract and persecute their opposition. 2, take the heat off themselves, perhaps, because they were getting too close to their pedophile activities.
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