Take his pen away...

Posted by jack1776 1 year, 8 months ago to Humor
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LOL, I can't take anymore, stop the bus, I want off!!
SOURCE URL: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/biden-pardoning-all-prior-federal-offenses-simple-marijuana-possession

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  • Posted by LibertyBelle 1 year, 8 months ago
    I despise marijuana, and those who use it. Nevertheless, if someone has marijuana, whose rights does he violate by so doing? Is he using physical force against anyone else? (Now in a closed space, that could be the case, as in inflicting second-hand smoke on someone else.) But otherwise, how? In furnishing it to a minor, or someone who is not of sound mind, maybe that should be punished. But otherwise, what is the reason it should be forbidden by law?
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    • Posted by 1 year, 8 months ago
      I disagree with you 100%, the problem with legalizing (discrimination is bullshit) marijuana is that the drug destroys ambition and drive. Look at any state that has legalized it and notice the rampant homelessness. Marijuana is a gateway drug, which is typically laced with other more addictive drugs.

      I understand the libertarian’s point of view of the government doesn’t have a right to tell me what I can or cannot put in my body. That part that is missing is my right to raise my family in a community without homelessness, crime, and general sloths of human beings.

      Objectivism typically states that you should look for what is in your own best interest, drugs in my community, as it is today, is not in my best interest. It does me no benefit, it destroys my community, it causes massive unemployment and increased welfare recipients.

      The only way I would be okay with legalizing marijuana is if the user lost all access to government help in any form whatsoever. Then, before it was legalized, I want a law removing your ability to vote, and another law to export homeliness people to California that test positive for marijuana.
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