If It’s Over (the plandemic), Why the Continued Emergency? To Force More Vaccinations and Enslave More People While Protecting the PharmaScum.

Posted by freedomforall 8 months, 2 weeks ago to Politics
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" 11th renewal of the federal government’s emergency declaration is ludicrous. Is this about midterm elections? Is this about Presidential elections in 2024? Is this purely politics now and the drive to hold onto accrued power amassed with the lockdown lunacy?
There is simply no justification for maintaining emergency status. So why would HHS move to renew it an 11th time? The lockdowns, the school closures, the shielding-in-place, the business closures, the personnel firings and shortages and school university disruptions have done at least as much damage (and certainly more) to the population’s health and welfare as the virus.

The American population and most global nations that engaged in lockdown lunacy etc. have been crushed, devastated; economies and their peoples.
The state of emergency is clearly not justified now, and it cannot be justified by fears of a hypothetical recurrence of some more severe infection at some unknown hypothetical point in the future.
Americans have sacrificed enough of their human rights, their dignity, liberties, and of their livelihoods for two and a half years in the service of protecting the general public health. They have been attacked, demeaned, ostracized, castigated, and ruined financially in many instances given they were prevented from earning a living. Americans lost people to the virus, vulnerable people and no one can deny that. COVID was punishing, especially the earlier strain (variants) on the vulnerable elderly and this happened largely because the government, the medical establishment, and medical doctors refused to recognize the value of early treatment and their actions ended up costing thousands of lives.

But America lost most lives due to the lockdowns and school closures, and we lost above all, our freedoms. It is time to allow America to be unshackled from these COVID policies. Completely. Living life freely once again, taking reasonable precautions, unfettered by government’s failed COVID lockdown policies whereby not one has worked!"
SOURCE URL: https://brownstone.org/articles/if-its-over-why-the-continued-emergency/

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  • Posted by 25n56il4 8 months, 2 weeks ago
    Hey they are advertising for the children's vaccine! I saw something, I think on my gmail that said the vaxes were Numbered 1-2-3 and all the people in DC (House and Senate, etc) got the vax with 1 and the general population got 2 and the kids got 3. The writer looked further and 1 was a Placebo.The others Adult and Children.
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  • Posted by mccannon01 8 months, 2 weeks ago
    I wish I could provide a link, but it was radio. I was driving home Monday night and the radio host was enumerating the profits various big pharma companies (she named them) made off us taxpayers courtesy of the plandemic. I knew it had to be a lot, but the tens of billions were enormous. I was thinking there are whole countries that don't have that kind of loot at their disposal! And it is continuing.
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