Ragnar Danneskjöld and Howard Roark Take On the World: Thoughts while trying to save the Cincinnati Ghost Ship

Posted by overmanwarrior 9 years ago to Movies
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A part of me came up with this thought because projects in development are what feed activity in places like this Galt's Gulch. Now that Atlas III is about to hit theaters, I have to pitch some thoughts to keep it going.

Because I like it.

Imagine Howard Roark and Ragnar sitting on the deck of a pirate ship concealed from the governments of the world all looking for a way to track down the elusive pirate—talking about Objectivism under a star-lit sky. It could be a huge game changer in entertainment. Would people enjoy such a thing. I think more would than wouldn't.
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  • Posted by khalling 9 years ago
    Intellectual Adventure series. Other characters could be brought in as well. And with satisfying but dangerous missions against govts and cronies....great recipe. Alot better than yet another reality series where people sit around naked
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