Chips for America Act: $280 billion to be stolen by a protected class of government sycophants in a “scratch my back I’ll scratch your back” corrupt system of political patronage.

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"Has the Congressional Budget Office ever been even close to right in its projections? Was Anthony Fauci right about anything? Have you ever read the Congressional Record concerning the 1935 Social Security Act? How about the trillion dollars spent in the Middle East to turn barbaric tribesmen into Jeffersonian idealists via nation building? The formation of the Department of Education in 1979 sure turned out well. $68 billion/year is being spent and our nation’s youth can’t find the United States on a map of the world. Buy hey, at least they are learning that there are 168 genders, and boys can rest assured if they wish to cut their nuts off and become a semi-woman, the DOE is there for them. The secret $1.8 billion in cash the Obama administration gave to the mullahs in Iran was a real foreign policy home run. It completely stopped Iran’s state sponsored terrorism and desire to see Israel blown off the map. Not. The Green New Deal is fun; pretending that the world is going to end unless Americans give up all their property to fanatic worshipers of Dr. Evil, eh, I mean Klaus Schwab. How many times has the Malthusian Left been proven wrong about their climate change predictions? Remember Carl Sagan and the nuclear winter? Yet, they keep fishing. As I write this the philosopher kings at the Federal Reserve are actively trying to destroy the stock market, the housing market and to keep wages from going up in efforts to “help” us. Why Lord, why? Why do so many put their faith in government? Is there no historical memory? Here’s a quick history and economics lesson. Memorize this simple maxim of economics and you will know more than any graduate of Harvard’s Kennedy School. “The government fu#ks up everything it touches.”

It works like this. The government ignores the fact that individuals can look out for themselves and that markets work. Thus, it enacts legislation to fix a perceived problem, but the legislation does not fix the problem. It creates much bigger problems (see the American health care system). Then to fix the much bigger problem that it created, it enacts more legislation and Groundhog’s Day never ends."

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