Deutsche Welle (DW) brings on Trump-hating former FBI bigwig Peter Strzok for “objective” commentary on FBI Mar-a-Lago raid. (5 min. into video)

Posted by bubah1mau 3 months, 3 weeks ago to News
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DW has got to be the worst of all media outlets for getting any balance in their reporting. This was a very typical example. Might as well give Himmler six minutes to elucidate the Nazi putdown of the Warsaw Ghetto uprising.

Even today's Fox News "Sunday" conclusion featuring an extended interview with RINO Mitt Romney doesn't hold a candle to the DW-Strzok "objective" analysis of the Mar-a-Lago raid for absolute defilement of the truth.

DW moderator Brent Goff ( claims his personal hero is "The Truth!" What a laugh!


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