Biden Calls On The Economy To Stop Being Bad

Posted by $ allosaur 2 weeks, 5 days ago to Humor
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Maybe it would have worked out better if "Mr. No Malarkey" had instead called the economy "Jack," but he did not even have a teleprompter handy to screw it all up.
"C'mon, economy," our overseas Beggar-In-Chief begged domestically now that bumble brains is back. "I hereby demand you make everything cheaper! Do it! Do it now!"
Poor Slow Joe. He hoped that for at the very least his lapdog Fake News would "report" that, though inflation still skyrockets and the stock market still crashes, it still has to be all Putin's fault.
But no-o! Even Fake News begins to turn against its once darlin' Little Joey.
November 22 is comin'! November 22 is comin'!

~~~~~do you know what this is?~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~no?~~~
~~~me neither~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
but there it goes again~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~zoom!~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~wheeee!~~~~~~~~~

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Yeah, c'mon, man! Is your name Jack?

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