The Assassination of Abe in Context

Posted by saucerdesigner 4 weeks ago to News
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Excerpt: "...What do we know about the assassination of Abe? What remains to be learned? What will be the consequences of this act? Where does the investigation go from here? Join James as he explores these questions and compiles the latest information about the assassination in this week's edition of The Corbett Report Subscriber..."

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  • Posted by Lucky 4 weeks ago
    My view is different.
    Abe: had many years in and out of government with no major achievements.

    In this last period as prime minister he brought in Abonomics which was just a set of platitudes even tho' widely praised round the globe. He held the economic progress of Japan to a small slow decline.

    Now, I have heard, he tried to reduce the influence of big pharma especially compulsion in vaccination. He even had a little success in this, perhaps his only worthwhile success.

    This was one measure that had to taken down.
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