Novavax COVID vaccine surprisingly effective against all Omicron variants

Posted by $ jbrenner 2 years ago to Science
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I am not going to make any judgments regarding COVID right now that I haven't already stated, but perhaps this vaccine is a step in the right direction.

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  • Posted by kddr22 2 years ago
    It is a definite improvement, the one that would be the most safe is the Sanofi/Glaxo joint venture which is made like a traditional recombinant protein based vaccine
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  • Posted by Lucky 2 years ago
    a step in the right direction
    Yes, it appears to be as effective as the competitors. It uses a more conventional approach to that of the big names.
    But still, it has not so far been shown to be as safe as the public expect an 'approved' medication to be. See these links:

    'Anyone who writes in expecting me to confirm it is safe,
    deserves what will happen to them.' etc.
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    • Posted by $ 2 years ago
      All vaccines can best be compared to having to apply a Windows update. They "rewrite" a portion of your firmware by inserting DNA into the nucleus. This is a forced mutation. As with any chemical reaction, there are almost always parallel reactions that happen that are neglected in textbook treatments of problems. I am quite sure that if you gave me a year or two that I could have inserted the appropriate DNA vector into a virus to make it more infectious. The people who released this on us have gone to "the Dark Side".
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