The Yoke’s on You (Pun Intended)

Posted by freedomforall 3 weeks, 6 days ago to Government
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"In most new cars, there is also no physical connection between the gear selector and the transmission. When you turn the knob (or push the button) to engage Drive, a signal is sent to the computer, which then tells the transmission you want Drive. When it’s time to Park, you turn the knob – or push the button – and the process repeats. This is also drive-by-wire in that there are no longer any cables connecting you to the transmission.

Now comes drive-by-wire steering, which operates on the same principle. The wheel you turn isn’t connected to the wheels that turn. Instead, sensors register the degree of arc the steering wheel is turned and that data is sent to the computer which, in turn, commands electric motors to turn the wheels the degree of arc the data indicate.
Already, many new cars with drive-by-wire “technology” (the word is used to make it sound Star Wars sophisticated, a shiny-spinning lure for human bass) countermand the inputs made by the driver. For example, if you select Reverse and try to reverse with the driver’s door open – which is sometimes helpful, in terms of seeing what’s beyond you that the back-up camera doesn’t show you – the computer will input Park until you close the door.

The Speed Limit Assist most new cars now have embedded in their electronic guts “assists” you to drive slower – by cutting back your throttle inputs and (in some cases) applying the brakes, too. The latter also electronically controlled, though still hydraulically actuated – for now.

Drive-by-wire brakes are also in the works.
The point being that everything the car does can be controlled by the car – rather than by you – when its motive functions are controlled by computers that are programmed to override your inputs at any time. Your are allowed to accelerate, steer and so on on sufferance.

Until it is no longer suffered.
It can also be hacked – and now, if it’s a car we’re talking about – it’s more than your data that’s been accessed. How about your steering being controlled? You turn the wheel – or the electric yoke, as in the case of the Lexus RZ – and nothing happens. Well, something does happen.

Just not what you want to happen.

Even if it’s never hacked, it is always controlled, as Tesla demonstrates every now and then, when it “updates” how much charge the battery will accept – and how quickly (or slowly) it will charge. But it is not only Tesla. It is the entire industry, which is connecting cars at the same time it is disconnecting the driver.

Each being one of the pincer arms of a great encirclement, similar to the tactic used by one army to annihilate another.

Only in this war, it is something else that is being annihilated."

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  • Posted by Aeronca 3 weeks, 6 days ago
    NO! I like the connection to a machine. Old Jeeps. My old 1946 airplane. I pull the stick back, a wire cable pulls the elevator up. Same for ailerons, rudder, cabin heat, carburetor heat, elevator trim, throttle. You can feel everything, sense everything. It is being connected. I don't like feeling disconnected. I don't like not being able to fix something with a Craftsman 110 piece toolbox.

    But I wouldn't mind flying a fly-by-wire F-15 Eagle. Just once.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 3 weeks, 5 days ago
    This is really scary! Right now the computer in my 2014 SUV is kinky. Sometimes the lock button on the door doesn't respond to me unless I push the button on the key thingy! What's gonna happen when this little beauty gets kinky out in the boondocks where there is no skilled repairman?????
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