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A true watershed moment.

We see it in entertainment, sports, culture, politics, the military.

And yes, for the black-pillers among us: there are MANY examples of things that are still wrong. Very wrong. There are no solutions yet to each problem you might find important. But that is not what you expect for a watershed moment. It signals a shift in perception, which is extremely important. The results WILL FOLLOW, from that shifted perception!

Talking about results: you can SEE it start! I repeat myself again, but after a year and a half of court cases and recounts and forensics, NOTHING happened. Within a week of 200 Mules coming out, ACTUAL ARRESTS have been made. People pleaded guilty, not for fraud, but for CONSPIRACY. And they talk, talk, talk… Whole networks are now being rolled up. Where will that end, you think? High up, way high… We know WHO ordered this conspiracy!

Or look at Michigan, where this brave sheriff Dar Leaf is suing the Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson (D) and Attorney General Dana Nessel (D) for interfering with his investigation into election fraud!

From his court filing, just this small snippet:

87. Defendants usurped and otherwise obstructed an elected constitutional officer and prevented him from performing his constitutional, statutory, and common-law duties as County Sheriff in accordance with the Michigan Constitution, and state and federal laws.
88. Defendants, without legitimate authority, also unconstitutionally and unlawfully confiscated property, documents, and information (including voting 24 machines with its attendant software, programs, and data), all of which was required to be sealed, preserved, protected, and retained by federal law. See, e.g., 52 USC § 20701.

The state machine, including the AG and SOS, as well as courts and others, helped with federal agents, bullied, hindered, prevented the investigations into election fraud, even going as far as confiscating the evidence that had been gathered.

In how many other places has this been going on? But now this is out in the open: this sheriff is fighting back. And with the treasure trove of very specific information that True the Vote brings (and they are in touch with this sheriff, and many others as well across the country), linked to the work by Seth Keshel, as well as the precedent and example of the arrests and guilty pleas in Arizona, this can be blown wide open, overwhelming and stopping the attempts at covering up any investigation.

All those wrongdoings are coming to light. And not just coming to light, but being REVERSED. A massive counter attack is being staged, where those covering up are now being sued. All the while the investigations, now aided with pinpoint information, are only exploding. If you cannot see this as the beginning of actual results, as an avalanche that has started, is indeed still small, but is unstoppable, you need to look again.

What black-pillers are talking about, and are pointing to, is the lack of perceptible changes in quantitative results. Who has been handcuffed? Which heads have rolled? Is Trump put back? Are the election steals reversed, and the diamonds returned? Those are quantitative. A matter of degree.

What they miss, is the QUALITATIVE shift that has happened. You can now talk about Ukraine losing and Putin winning. As democrats, you can openly talk about 2000 mules and how 2020 was stolen in rampant fraud. As athlete and sports team, you can openly decide that you don’t want to wear a rainbow symbol. You can openly talk about opposition against drag shows for kids. It might look small, but the little drop of water seeping through a dam seems similarly small…
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  • Posted by $ Olduglycarl 2 months ago
    Yes, people are waking up, I talk lightly with many people every day, I start off with a joke and stand back in amazement in regards to what people know, what they, themselves, have unearthed. Young, Old, inbetween...they have all taken the Red pill.

    By the way, Love the "Black Pillers" idea!
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  • Posted by $ 2 months ago
    Until, suddenly, the dam breaks. Quantitatively, the little drop means nothing, compared to the millions of gallons kept behind the wall of the dam. But qualitatively, it is undeniable proof that the dam is compromised, and WILL come down.

    That is the point we are at. The dam is leaking. Is compromised beyond repair. And people are waking up to that reality. The tide has turned. We have reached a watershed moment.

    Which will make the coming bombshells that much more effective. What will True the Vote drop in a few weeks? The Supreme Court? Trump and his team? Perhaps the Russians in regards to those labs?

    People are paying attention now, and open to this new reality.

    Do not underestimate the importance of this shift. It is absolutely HUGE.
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