You won’t believe this .

Posted by $ Dobrien 2 months ago to History
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They have to tell you what they are doing. Usually through Satanic Hollywood.

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  • Posted by $ Commander 2 months ago
    As I visit popular historic television dramas I'm viewing through the "lens" described in the clip. So many messages specific to virus, banking, EMP, elites, "SPECTRE".

    Desensitization to what is occurring quietly through WEF. Oh no, It cant't be! It's only TV!

    "How to serve Man"
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    • Posted by freedomforall 2 months ago
      It does seem to be anti-human, doesn't it.
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      • Posted by $ Commander 2 months ago
        Can you imagine being brought up in an environment devoid of practical life experiences of the average human, or other potential tool building species that may inhabit the universe? To never have had the experience to develop a true empathy or compassion for "plight" is the worst case disconnect.

        Everything is delivered and never produced personally. Everything is spoils from a game where personal risk is insulated. The pseudo-immortal is just as dangerous as the "Immortal Robot" that Rand describes in The Objectivist's Ethics; they can try to exist by whim and opinion and force. Zero "common" connection to act as hesitancy, as if the act were upon one's self.

        Time for the elite's to feel vulnerable.
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