Origins of Modern Education. Prussia

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It was imperative for him to have an education system that created soldiers without thought, as well as a compliant citizenry who willingly paid taxes to fund the army. This was the premise behind Frederick the Great’s Generallandschulreglement, decreeing an eight year compulsory education for all Prussians.

After Frederick’s death, in 1806, Prussia suffered a humiliating defeat at the hands of Napolean in the Battle of Jena. After this defeat, the state of Prussia blamed the loss on a lack of discipline within its Prussian army and its citizens. It doubled down its mandate of compulsory education and “children would have to be disciplined for through a new form of universal conditioning”. 2

As we shall unpack later, the Prussian model has today become the gold standard of modern education worldwide, where citizens are indoctrinated to become compliant, obedient and willing taxpayers for the “greater good” of the state and its objectives.

This new form of child indoctrination would be carried out by a new, semi-militant group known as the “officer corps of teachers”, commonly known today as your local woke school board and teachers unions.

Woke Education, Marxism and Prussia

The intensity that teachers and school boards apply their “woke agenda” upon children is not just alarming, but illustrates the clear intent of the real agenda playing out in America and worldwide. This substack looks at the inevitable outcome that plays out when “woke” education becomes part of the curriculum. Civilizational collapse.
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  • Posted by 25n56il4 2 months, 2 weeks ago
    In giving considerable thought to the subject, I find allowing our schools (teachers and school board) far too presumptuous about who can best raise a child. I didn't have one teacher in school I would have turned by children over too. When my son finished his Freshman (9th grade) year he announced to me 'they can't teach me anything more'. I was stunned. My husband stepped right up to the plate and said,'Fine you can get a job and pay your way.' Damned if he didn't until he was 17 and announced he was going in the Army. He did. Three years later the Dean of Students at our local college called me and said, 'Mrs B do you have more than one son?' My affirmative answer. He said, " is one in the Army?" My affirmative answer. He said 'The Army has sent us his results on his college entrance exams.' I said 'You better take him he is very interesting. He was reading the newspaper at the age of two.' He laughed and said, 'I'd decided to take him as soon as I saw the highest grades we've ever seen.' The Army recommended him highly.' He finished at our Community College, went to the University and graduated Summa Cum Laude.He was invited to sit for his Master's but declined. He wanted to teach.
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  • Posted by $ allosaur 2 months, 1 week ago
    When Gary Cooper's Sgt. York character took 132 German prisoners, he made a remark about how good they were at following orders.
    Wonder if in real lfe Sgt York, a redhead with a mustache, actually said that.
    If I correctly recall, Sgt. York did not do that single-handedly but was leading about seven American soldiers.
    York did gun down Clint Eastwood style several attacking Germans with his own GI-issue 7-round clip of a Colt M1911 pistol~~not with the spiffy-looking Luger Gary Cooper had confiscated.
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  • Posted by CaptainKirk 2 months, 1 week ago
    I am SO Happy my daughter is all grown up.

    TBH, in todays world, if my kid came home from Public School, and played the "Transgendered Card".

    I would CONGRATULATE Them. And Call DHS myself, and let them take the kid into the system.

    I would wash my hands of the kid, and all financial responsibility. The state broke it. The state owns it!
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