Who is @Q? (Part Three: He's One of Them!)

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A few months after first looking into Q, I was banned from Twitter and Instagram for posting conspiracy theories that are all now proven and accepted facts. None of what I was posting was related to Q in the slightest. I barely knew anything about Q. I knew what I believed from my own independent research and that’s what I posted.

All Q posts have to do is cause people to focus on relevant issues now. It could not be simpler. People are smart. They’re especially smart when working in unison to gain the broadest understanding of any given issue. If you know where to look, there is news about reality from across the world, available in real-time, without the filters imposed on us by the censorship regime. The media only reports real events when they become some sort of problem, often weeks, months, or years later. People addicted to the Central Narrative are consistently weeks, months, or years behind reality about issues of critical importance. For the rest of us, observing reality while it happens is like traveling through a time machine, into the future, while Don Lemon’s audience exists stuck in a false past where everything is a lie about what you saw mommy and daddy doing. “I was just helping her look under the bed! You didn’t see what you saw! Never speak of this again!”

Would it have mattered if enough of society was engaged in observing reality when we were being sold two years of covid lockdowns and other unconstitutional violations of our civil rights? Would it have been good to be, let’s say, a year ahead of the mainstream media curve on vaccine safety before sticking it your kid? I’m not a parent, but I’m going to assume I know their thinking here. If they have not yet thought about it, can you call them parents?

I am not mad about being banned. It was my mistake for posting unauthorized information. Now, I understand that The Science™ has changed. The things I said were conspiracy theories at the time. Since then, they’ve become true. My information was not true back when I said it, we’re told, although the information I shared has not changed. As the self-described genius, Scott Adams would say, I was right for the wrong reasons. (According to him - he was wrong for the right reasons). Someday, I hope to hear how exactly The Science™ changed.

My departure from legacy social media opened a world of unencumbered conversation that I hadn’t experienced since studying philosophy in college. People would ask questions. Other people would chime in with what they know. People would tell me where to look for information or suggest looking into a connected issue that might spark my interest. If I was wrong about something, they’d explain what I was missing and provide evidence to support their point of view.

On Twitter, professional conspiracy theorists from prominent universities and media conglomerates manufacture and distribute the latest Slogans, none of which shall be challenged. They do this because they benefit from doing it. It serves a higher goal. A higher power, if you will.

On alternative platforms, it was the Wild, Wild West. Anything goes. It’s a different world without censorship. Yes, I had to look up what a glowie was. No, I couldn’t make someone stop saying unauthorized words by clicking ‘Report’.

Was I offended by hearing the no-no words? Sometimes, depending on how they were used. But not compared to being told I was a Nazi for wearing a red ballcap, without a mask on, while running in a public park by masked-up, rich, white ladies. Being told you’re a Nazi by the people who “elected” George Gascon and are currently supporting actual Nazis in Ukraine right now, that’s offensive. Likewise, the word planefag is certainly less offensive than the suggestion that the unvaccinated should be segregated from society.

Insane people, being supremely offensive in expressing their hatred of strangers based on their apparel, is a more dangerous trend than seeing no-no words online. I could be called any manner of -ist or -phobe for typing that, for even thinking it. I could immediately incur the wrath of hateful strangers for simply suggesting that a MAGA hat is not a hate symbol.

This isn’t a matter of degrees. The same people, knowing nothing about Ukraine, are “standing with” them, which necessitates them standing with George Soros - who helped pack the Nazi trains - and a legitimate, real-life, modern-day Nazi movement that simply is not a conspiracy theory. Our fellow citizens are literally declaring their allegiance with an actual Nazi movement and our corporations are promoting it. We are censored for pointing it out.
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  • Posted by $ 3 months, 1 week ago
    Anons are not seeking anything but a mass cultural awakening to the dark truths in this world that people with weak character dare not know. These dark truths run our lives, distance our families, prevent our success, rob us of the benefits of our work, suppress our freedom of speech, degrade our religions and beliefs, and deny our right to seek accountability.
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