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Posted by CaptainKirk 3 months, 3 weeks ago to Science
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This movie, with Stew Peters...
Will blow your mind...

Meanwhile, monoclonal anti-bodies no longer available. Replaced by Remdesivir... The Killer Drug.

Curious to see what others think about this!

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  • Posted by $ Commander 3 months, 3 weeks ago
    Very plausible. Synthesized "venom" could be added to water or foods.
    Monoclonal antibodies are available. ,Make our own HCL from grapefruit and lemon peel. Look to nature for natural quercetin in aronia or elderberry. Boost melatonin through tart cherries, oatmeal or mushrooms.
    Start smoking!
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    • Posted by freedomforall 3 months, 3 weeks ago
      I haven't ordered from this site but it looks interesting to me:
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      • Posted by $ Commander 3 months, 3 weeks ago
        Thank you for the lead. I will check with our three herbalists post-haste!
        We're trying to grow only that which can stand the winters up here. Yet pretty mild by 49th parallel conditions.
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        • Posted by $ Dobrien 3 months, 3 weeks ago
          Planet of Snakes!
          Another in the Series of Stew Peters Intergalactic Adventures!

          clif high

          Humans do lots of things well. Other things, eh, not so much. Biology is among the latter.

          There’s that word again, “biology”. ‘Bio’ means ‘life’, and ‘-ology’ means “to study”. So, yes, the new SCOTUS Judge is an idiot, she is indeed a ‘biologist’. Everyone is. What else do we study down here on Earth than Life? Ours & all the other kinds?

          It is the act of studying life that makes you a biologist, not some credentials from some fellow paid to warp your thinking for the benefit of those who rule the State. We don’t need no stinkin’ credentials to be studying anything. You only need stinkin’ credentials to impress the State system, which is dying rapidly so even that will go away soon.

          Logic, meaning structured thinking and analysis, and ‘logos’, meaning ‘understanding and knowledge’, are both related to the study of things, the ‘-ology’ of it. Makes sense. You can’t know a thing until you study it. You can’t think logically about a thing, even thinking, until you study it. Such studying should take place in our schools, but sadly, our culture is under attack such that our schools are too busy dealing with teachers who are only able to think about their genitals.

          At some level, collectively, and individually, all humans are twats. In my opinion, this is due to most people not being self-examining. These ‘self focused’ blind spots are a constant problem to our species. So it goes in this Matterium (the place where we have matter & your ass can sit on it).

          Humans do lots of things well. Some things, eh, not so much.

          One of those things we don’t do well is the actual ‘mechanics’ of replicating life. We study Life, and are good at Biology, without much in the way of an ability to create, or ‘manufacture’ it.

          We are not alone in being stymied by this quirk, of this Matterium, where Life may be studied, but not easily replicated.

          According to the hidden language within the Khazarian Mafia religion, the ‘gods’, those who Came from the Sky, the Elohim, are batshit crazy over biology. And also, the Elohim can’t make life, even with all their knowledge, and countless centuries of study.

          The Khazarian Mafia book key (Zohar + Talmud + Torah) language gives the reader an impression that one of the big, driving forces for the Elohim being such nasty bastards is their frustration in not being able to achieve their goals in biological creation, and thus being ‘stuck’ being only able to manipulate it.

          In my opinion, it is this ‘exclusion’ from the deeper levels of affecting Life that makes Biology the Ultimate Prize in this Matterium for all species that reach the level of understanding that allows for mechanical, material, production. It is at that point, after all the work, all the labor, all the huge supply chains, that you are sitting in your shiny new SUV saying to yourself, “Well, this is cool, but it would be a fuck lot easier if we could just grow these.”

          Biochemistry, bio-molecular engineering, and all manner of variants are going to be describing collective human future. This is a certainty, that the world will be dominated by explorations into Biology from now on. Yes, tech and machines are cool, but they can only get us so far.

          Humans do lots of things well. Some things, eh, not so much.

          We can’t make replacement hearts, nor most organs for humans or other animals. We barely understand why our toenails grow all our lives, but our teeth don’t. We have a long way to go.

          Life and Biology are so complex, that our best bio-molecular engineering is inadequate to replace anything that Nature would produce by way of Growing. We can NOT make synthetic snake venom. None that is in any way ‘stable’. Our best efforts are bad productions. Even the best Dr. Evil working for the Khazarian Mafia, can’t produce synthetic snake venom. Nor any other venom.

          This has to do with how ‘reactive’ certain arrangements of compounds are when ‘activated’ by the ‘force/ki/spirit’ that propels our Matterium along on its course. These reactive compounds that we make are but inferior copies of Nature’s own productions. And they don’t work, oxidize/reduce within minutes, and are not commercially viable.

          This is true of a great many peptides. Not only those from snakes, or those involved in venom. Humans can’t replicate the visual cortex peptides of any animal. Most peptides within animals can only be replicated to an insufficient degree. That is to say, we can basically only get ‘close’, like maybe 90%. So we have to harvest peptides from animals in order to consume them, as our own synthetics are deadly and produce unwanted effects.

          Which brings up the Planet of Snakes. There must be a whole giant Planet of Snakes. Stew Peters and Bryan Ardis are implying as much when they state that Earth’s fresh water supply was poisoned by snake venom in order to create the illusion of the covid virus disease panic. That would require actual boat loads, like actual tons and tons and tons, of snake venom to achieve. Even if you thought snake venom was stable in municipal water supplies, and is not destroyed by human stomach acids, you would still need a mountain of it.

          As humans can’t make snake venom, and must harvest it, and each snake produces only mere drops, therefore there has got to be a whole damn planet of snakes to get that much venom for this evil plot.

          Stew Peters and Bryan Ardis really missed the boat.They should have explained about the Giant Planet of Snakes also being the cause for the worker shortage here on Earth. All our working people are being taken off-world to milk venom on the Planet of Snakes.

          Of course. All makes sense now.


          SO....ANYONE thinking that Aridis knows his shit is wrong. Ardis now claims they are dumping mRNA from snakes into the water system. He is backing off the venom itself being dumped. Still is absolute BULLSHIT! Look at how much trouble BIG PHARMA has to go though JUST to keep the mRNA alive long enough to inject you. AND YOUR BODY HAS A MECHANISM DESIGNED TO DESTROY mRNA THAT IT FINDS OUTSIDE THE CELL. They have to cool it to like -80 degrees! NO FUCKING WAY that mRNA will survive in city water supplies, or any water, at any temperature. PLUS mRNA cannot be absorbed through the gut. It MUST be injected. PLUS the mRNA from snakes would NOT be uptaken by human body. They are completely incompatible
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          • Posted by $ Commander 3 months, 3 weeks ago
            Ardis did note the preservation methods he (knows/could think of) within his experience and research. I'll not underestimate the possible though the probable is very miniscule. This is just one of those messages that I'll keep in the upper third of my awareness regimen. It will go up or down with more information to support or not.

            One of the items that I keep to the forefront is from an interview with Neil Tyson. He asked the host: Do you know what the last words of humanity will be? Let's try it this way.

            Curious George was always overstepping.
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            • Posted by 3 months, 3 weeks ago
              That's where I am at EXACTLY.
              I am curious, and open.
              But things need to "function" properly.

              If this spike protein stuff could survive in chlorinated water, then they would not have to FREEZE this stuff the way they do.

              What I find interesting is how we basically rip off nature, and patent things. Then use the media to call people "Snake Oil" salesman. LOL...

              Where the FDA is a "Fake Snake Oil" Salesman. LOL
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              • Posted by $ Commander 3 months, 3 weeks ago
                Claude Shannon is deemed the father of information theory. He expresses that we are inundated with messages and that messages that decrease uncertainty are information, messages that increase uncertainty are noise.

                We've been told these shots need freezing. Is this true? I don't have first hand knowledge. Ardis, at least, raises a series of hierarchical questions that can be pursued. I can do this with one of my consortium, who has the experience to validate or not. there are also two others nearby who have extensive research into the present fiasco; Jay Vanden Heuvel and Patrick Flynn. I've been in audience 2 hour and 1-1/2 hour respectively, before Q&A began. All within past 2 months. I'm waiting on another acquaintance who needs to get past her 1 year non-disclosure with the US Army......comes up in June.

                Considering what has been transpiring over the past 6 years...a little healthy paranoia is a good thing. And a lot of research. And my research time is dwindling with the approach of planting.
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          • Posted by 3 months, 3 weeks ago
            It's funny, this is a great post.

            I was not certain how to interpret the information.

            I am intrigued by the Venom like features.

            But was not sure about the water stuff.

            THANK YOU! This was informative and after watching 2 more videos by this guy Ardis, I do not find him Trustworthy...

            I also cannot trust Stew any more because he is just too sensationalized. He goes beyond where the facts end. This is a good example.
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